Cameroon Flag

What does the flag of Cameroon look like? The Cameroon flag has three vertical bands of green, red, and yellow, and it has a gold star in the middle of the red band.

Meaning of the Flag

The flag of Cameroon uses the traditional Pan-African colors like many other nations. It is thought that these colors are meant to symbolize unity, the sun and the savannahs, and the lush, green forests of the country. In addition to the tricolor design, the flag also features a star in the center, which is called, the Star of Unity.

Colors of the Flag

Cameroon’s flag features the traditional Pan-African colors of green, red and yellow. The color red stands for unity, yellow represents the sun and the savannas located in the northern part of Cameroon, and the green is symbolic of the forests located to the south. There is also a yellow star featured in the center of the flag.

History of the Flag

Before the current flag design was adopted, Cameroon’s previous flag designs were very similar. The flag of French Cameroon, which was first used in 1957, featured the tricolor of green, red and yellow vertical bands. Later, the flag of the Federal Republic of Cameroon featured the tricolor design with two yellow stars in the canton. This flag was in use until 1975. It was on May 20, 1975 when the current design was adopted.

Flag Facts

Cameroon was the second nation to use Pan-African colors in its flag.

Cameroon’s flag is similar to other African countries’ flags including Guinea, Mali and Senegal.

The yellow star on this flag varies in size but is always located in the center of the red stripe.

ColorsGreen, Red, Yellow
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Three equal vertical columns, with green on the left, red in the center, yellow on the left, and a yellow star in the center of the red column

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