Luxembourg Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The flag of Luxembourg has a simple design. The flag is a horizontal triband featuring three different colors.It is similar to the flag of the Netherlands except the flag is longer and the shades used are different. This colors were taken from the coat of arms of the House of Luxembourg.

Colors of the Flag

There are three colors used on the flag of Luxembourg: red, white, and blue. Each horizontal band is of equal size on the flag. These colors are the national colors and were first adopted during the 19th century. It is believed that these colors were derived from the coat of arms of Luxembourg’s counts, dukes, and grand dukes.

The design of the flag is similar to the national flag of the Netherlands. However, the flag of Luxembourg is distinguished by its lighter shades of red and blue.

History of the Flag

A national flag was not adopted by the nation of Luxembourg until 1830. It was during this time when patriots were encouraged to display the national colors of Luxembourg during the Belgian Revolution. The tricolor design that is used today was adopted in 1845.

Despite being in use since the 19th century, a law regulating the flag was not passed until 1993. This law also outlined the ensign and roundel for the nation. Of particular note in the law is the description of the color blue. It states that the color used is a bright blue, which distinguishes it from the similar flag of the Netherlands.

Flag Facts

Because of its similarities to the flag of the Netherlands, there have been many debates and proposals in Luxembourg surrounding a new design. As of 2019, the flag remains unchanged.

ColorsRed, White, Light Blue
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Three horizontal bands of red, white, and light blue

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