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What does the flag of Malaysia look like? The Malaysian flag consists of fourteen alternating red and white horizontal stripes with a yellow crescent and 14-point star on top of a blue rectangle in the top-left corner. Malaysia's flag was officially adopted on May 26, 1950, and the most current version was updated on September 16, 1963.

Meaning of the Flag

The flag of Malaysia features alternating red and white horizontal stripes. There is a total of 14, each of equal width, designed to represent the federation of the member states and federal territories. The flag also features a star with 14 points. This is designed to represent the unity between the federal territories and the 13 member states. Positioned beside the star is a crescent moon, which represents the nation’s official religion of Islam.

Colors of the Flag

The Malaysian flag features seven white stripes and seven red stripes. There is a blue canton that represents the unity of the people of the nation. There is also a yellow crescent moon and yellow star placed in the canton. This color of yellow represents the royal color of the Malay rulers.

History of the Flag

Before the national flag was created, each state in Malaysia had its own flag. Most of these flags are still in use and have not changed in design. The first national flag was raised in 1963. It was based on the design of the flag of the Federation of Malaya. When it was decided that a national flag was needed, a contest was launched. There were three choices made for the flag. The first flag featured a blue field with two Malay daggers and 11 stars. The second flag was of a similar design save for the placement of the stars and the design of the daggers. The third proposed flag was the chosen flag and was approved in 1950. It was first raised in 1957. The difference was in the number of stripes in the flag, as well as the number of points on the star. This flag was designed by Mohamed Hamzah, who designed the flag in just two weeks.

Throughout the years, more stripes and points were added to represent additional territories. The current flag was adopted and had been in use since 1963.

Flag Facts

The nickname of the flag is Jalur Gemilang – or Stripes of Glory.

Flags that are flown at residences should point toward the road.

A Malaysian flag that flies with other flags must be on a pole that is higher than the rest.

The nation has an anthem devoted to the flag named “Jalur Gemilang.”

NameStripes of Glory
ColorsRed, White, Blue, Yellow
Designed By


14 equal horizontal alternating red and white stripes, with a large blue square in the top left corner with a yellow crescent and yellow 14-point star

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