Ukraine Flag

What does the flag of Ukraine look like? The Ukrainian flag is half blue on the top and half yellow on the bottom.

Meaning of the Flag

The flag or Ukraine is one of the most simplistic national flags in the world. It features just two stripes, and the symbolism of the flag lies within the colors selected for these stripes. The colors of blue and yellow have both held significant roles in the history of this nation. These colors were used prominently during the country’s fight for independence. The blue is designed to represent peace, as well as the sky above the nation and the streams found throughout the country. The color yellow is a symbol of prosperity and also represents the many wheat fields found throughout the nations.

Colors of the Flag

As mentioned, there are just two colors used in the national flag of Ukraine: blue and yellow. Each color is used as a band, each of equal size. The blue band is located on top, while the yellow band is placed below.

History of the Flag

The country of Ukraine has always had national symbols, and many of those have featured the colors of blue and yellow, with usage of these colors going back at least as far as the Battle of Grunwald. It is thought, however, that the adoption of the modern flag of today started in 1848. It was during this time that the Main Ruthenian Council adopted a blue and yellow banner to fly over the city’s magistrate. This flag was also used throughout the Russian Revolution of 1905. Throughout the early 20th century, the colors were again used as the country fought for its independence. It was in 1917 when the national flag was flown for the first time and the next year when it was officially adopted.

In the years that followed, there was some controversy over the design of the flag, with the colors interchanged on previous versions of the flag.

The blue and yellow flag that was first used was no longer in use during the period of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from 1922 to 1991. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the previous blue and yellow flag was restored. The version was modified in 1992, and this is the version that is still used today.

Flag Facts

Ukraine’s flag day is held on August 23.

Soviet flags and symbols are prohibited from being flown unless they are in cemeteries.

Although most flags are horizontal, some public buildings fly vertical flags. Flags that are flown vertically must have the blue band to the left.

The Ukrainian flag can be decorated with golden fringe on its perimeter provided it does not deface the flag.

NameNaval Ensign
ColorsYellow, Blue
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Two equally split horizontal lines, the top is blue and bottom is yellow

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