Best Pizza by State 2022

States With The Best Tasting Pizza

Although movies like to propagate a debate between states, cities, and even styles of pizza, the actual data is much different. Most films and media love to feature large cities such as New York and Chicago as having their iconic styles depicted. This means deep dishes, toppings, and even cooking styles are put to the test. Surprisingly, the city with the most loved pizza is Detroit. It is not well known, but Detroit locals and denizens are people with the most pizza passion, meaning that everyone is jumping on search engines to search out different varieties of pizza. This means that restaurants need to match this growing need for deliciously well-known food.

This does not mean that Michigan is the best state for pizza. From the above, neither is Illinois, nor New York. The best state for pizza is Ohio. Three Ohio cities fall within the top rankings of domestic love for pizza, and Columbus and Cleveland are amongst the best. This means that both domestic and international travelers are frequenting these cities and falling in love with the signature style, which is Ohio-made pizza.

States With Opportunities To Grow

In general, Pennsylvania is the state with some of the most questionable tastes in pizza. Surprisingly, there are no states that are directly correlated with having tasted pizza. The signature style of American pizza-making seems to be in contrast to their Italian birthplace, with most US residents preferring a deep-dish heavy meal when they order this well-known food. Italians generally create a pizza as a way to enjoy your "antipasto", meaning an appetizer before the main meal. Italian pizzas are light on the crust and toppings to amuse your tastebuds.

Philadelphia has the well-known "tomato pie". Although many feel that tomato pie tastes pretty nice, it does not stand toe-to-toe with other pizzas. This is made with an extremely deep bread base, layered with focaccia and very chunky tomato sauce. It does feel like you are eating a large tomato sandwich with a side of cheese.

One of the most controversial types of pizza is Chicago-style pizza. Many Americans love the taste and will defend it vehemently, but it ultimately does not resemble a pizza. Chicago deep dish pizza is known for being greasy, cheesy, and easy - but is made more like a casserole rather than a traditional pizza. Toppings are usually limited as the overpowering taste of the cheese and smoked sausage pulls through.

How Each State Is Influenced

States are very much influenced by their cuisine, due to large pockets of immigrants and cultures. For example, St. Louis is well-known for having a unique style of preparing dishes, one that mimics both French and Creole fusion. When speaking about Pizza, New York has the most shops per square mile, meaning that there is an extremely ruthless competition about who's recipe is better than the others. In this way, states with extremely wide varieties and competition will rise to the occasion.

Best Pizza by State 2022