Scots by State 2022


Ohio is the number one state that has stayed true to its Scottish-dominated heritage. In the Hocking Hills region of Ohio, a notable person, Michael Daniels, has recreated a small piece of Scotland that celebrates his ancestral ties to the land. In this region, Glenlarual inn offers its room accommodation to many travelers that wish to visit the area. The Inn was created similar to the manor-style house of secluded cabins and crofts named after many recognized Scottish clans, which were extremely famous around the time of the colonial period.

The buildings in the Hocking Hills region are of stone and stucco and feature dark timbered walls with iron posts - making it seem exactly like a Scottish village that is tucked away and kept secret in the heart of Ohio. The Inn serves traditional snacks and breakfasts, which include scones and porridge - and the wonderful tartan carpets dot the tapestry. During dinner, the Inn provides a seven-course candlelit supper service where visitors are encouraged to wear their kilts any time of the week. The Inn spans 140 acres long and has attracted much of the Scottish Diaspora and those who identify with Scottish descent and heritage.

New York

New York has one of the two largest festivals commemorating Scots in the United States, and around the world. Scottish castles are one of the most famous in the world, known for their unique architecture that nestles itself on top of cliffs and ruins. Morton Castle has been featured in many publications, most notably the hit series: Outlander. Modeled after many of these castles is the Bannerman Castle, which is located near New York City. It is named after Francis Bannerman who was born in 1851 in Dundee, Scotland - who had come to the United States and settled down in Brooklyn at the young age of three.

Bannerman had dedicated his life to acquiring wealth - and would receive this through his lucrative munitions trade. Once Bannerman had enough money, he designed to build the castle as a fortress to resemble the architecture in his birthplace town of Dundee. The replica served as a warehouse for his munitions, and as a sanctuary for his family and thoughts until he died in 1918. The next 50 years would see the castle in ruins, which was eventually destroyed in 1969.

Today, it has been rebuilt by the Bannerman Castle Trust, which offers tours during the summer. The events feature traditional musical instruments and movies.

Maine and North Carolina

There is often contention between these two states over which one has the larger Scottish population. When comparing the Diaspora of Scottish nationals, North Carolina has the highest percentage of Scottish residents living within the state borders, making up greater than 4.5% of the population. The city with the largest Scottish residents is Boone, NC, which has 9.1% of the population identifying as Scottish.

Maine, however, has the largest number of inhabitants of Scottish descent, which make up 6 percent of the state population.

Scots by State 2022