Does it Snow in Arkansas?

There are many states in the US where snow is a common occurrence in the winter. However, Arkansas is not a state where you will see very much snow. The climate of the state of Arkansas is subtropical and humid. This is largely due to the Gulf of Mexico, even though Arkansas does not border the Gulf of Mexico.

Humid and hot summers are common in Arkansas. The winters in Arkansas are typically both mild and dry. However, there is some snowfall in the state. You will see a small amount of snowfall in the northern portions of the state of Arkansas. So, in terms of the question of does it snow in Arkansas, the answer is yes, but not much.

How Much Snow Does Arkansas Get Every Year?

As stated previously, the state of Arkansas does not get very much snow, nor does it snow frequently in the state of Arkansas. In fact, the average amount of snow that Arkansas receives every single year is only four inches. The state of Arkansas typically gets a small amount of snowfall beginning in the month of December and usually ending in February. The month of January is the coldest month for the state of Arkansas. As a result, the state of Arkansas receives the most snow in January, with an average of 2.3 inches of snow that month.

Avg. Annual Snow
4.04 in.
Avg. Annual Days With Snow
1-Day Snowfall Record
25 in.
Snowfall Record Date
January 22, 1918

Does it Snow in Arkansas?