California State Capital: Sacramento

The state capital of California is Sacramento, whose name was derived from the Spanish word “sakramento,” meaning “sacrament.” The decision to make Sacramento the capital was made in the state’s early history, when it was known as the center of the infamous Gold Rush period. 

Another reason why it was deemed the best choice for a state capital was because of its location, which was inland and in close proximity to the Pacific coast and Sierra Nevada. This location gave it a geographical advantage in terms of pursuing economic trade and other activities. 

Today, Sacramento City is also the largest within Sacramento County, with over half a million residents, making it the ninth-largest capital in the country. 

A Second Capital

Not only is Sacramento the capital for California, it is also America’s “Farm-to-Fork” Capital. That’s because it is one of the biggest producers of food and agriculture in the United States, and supplies the same all over the country.

Because there are about 1.5 million acres of farm surrounding it, and along with the dozens of certified farmer markets available all year ‘round, it is no wonder that Sacramento is considered to be a mecca of fresh ingredients, especially among chefs. 

Art, History, Health

In the arts, Sacramento has several major venues for performances from the Sacramento Ballet, Sacramento Opera, and the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra. The city is also known to have one of the largest numbers of fully operational local community theatres in the state. 

Other places of interest would be the local museums, which total 28, including the California State Railroad Museum. Its 225,000 square feet of exhibition area gives you a thorough and comprehensive view of the transcontinental railroad’s history and development. 

There’s also the California State Capital, which is actually a living museum open to visitors who want to learn more about the state’s rich history. And then there’s the Old Sacramento Waterfront, which features a variety of places for dining and entertainment, perfect for tourists and families alike.

Sacramento is also an important seat for California’s healthcare industry, being home to some of the most renowned institutions in the medical field, such as UC Davis Medical Center, UC Davis School of Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, and Sutter Health. 

Of course, there are plenty more that Sacramento has to offer. One only needs to be open to explore to see why it is California’s state capital.

California State Capital: Sacramento