Is Weed Legal in Colorado?

Colorado has been one of the more accepting states when it comes to marijuana legalization. You can see that from the fact that both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal in Colorado. This is not a recent state of affairs, either. Marijuana legalization has been in place in Colorado in one form or another since 2000. Colorado was one of the first states to make medical marijuana legal. This is something to know when answering the question is weed legal in Colorado.

Colorado's Marijuana Legalization History

The state of Colorado made medical marijuana legal all the way back in 2000 due to the passage of Initiative 20 and Initiative 20 later became Amendment 20. After that, the state constitution of Colorado codified Amendment 20 as article XVIII, section 14. Amendment 20 made medical marijuana legal in the state of Colorado and set up an ID card system for caregivers and their patients. After recreational marijuana was legalized, the recreational marijuana and medical marijuana laws were combined into Title 44, Article 10 of the CRS or Colorado Revised Statutes.

Amendment 64 was also called the Colorado Marijuana Legalization Amendment. Colorado voters approved Amendment 64 on November 6, 2012. This amendment made recreational marijuana legal for adults 21 years of age and older. Amendment 64 also established taxes on both cultivating and selling marijuana. Amendment 64 was added to the state constitution of Colorado as article XVIII, section 16.

The next development happened in 2019. The state of Colorado passed House Bill 1230 in 2019 and this bill established new business licenses for tasting rooms, marijuana lounges, and other kinds of marijuana-based hospitality businesses. This bill permits marijuana consumers to consume marijuana-infused products and marijuana products that they bought elsewhere at such businesses.

The Colorado Department of Revenue regulates both the state's recreational marijuana industry and its marijuana laws. The Colorado Department of Revenue provides licensing for the sale, testing, distribution, and production of medical marijuana and it gives regulatory oversight. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment regulates the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry.

What About Purchasing Weed Legally in Colorado?

Medical marijuana patients as well as Colorado adults who are 21 and older can buy marijuana at any dispensary that is licensed in the state of Colorado. If you cannot buy the marijuana yourself, you can choose a caregiver to buy the medical marijuana and deliver it to you. Medical marijuana patients can buy medical marijuana from a dispensary that only sells it to Colorado medical marijuana patients if they wish.

Is Weed Legal in Colorado?