Continental United States 2020

The United States of America is a nation comprised of fifty states. For the most part, the states in America are contiguous. The continental United States refers to the states that are part of the continent. Believe it or not, almost all the states are part of the continent of North America, which is pretty lucky. Here are the continental US states in alphabetical order.

Did you notice which state is missing from that list? The one state that is not part of the continental US is the one and only Hawaii. Sometimes, when listing the states that are not included as part of the continental US, people tend to list Alaska as well. Let's clear up the confusion there for a moment.

The state of Alaska is part of the continental United States, but it is not part of the contiguous United States. Continental refers to which states are part of the continent of North America, whereas contiguous refers to which states are part of the major land mass with borders that denote the country as a whole. Contiguous states can be thought of as continuous because they connect and they are directly located near each other.

While not a state itself, Washington, D.C., is also part of the continental and contiguous states.

The Difference Between Continental US States and Hawaii

Most of the time, there is no real difference between the continental US states and the one non-continental US, Hawaii. The separation is noticeable when it comes to certain sweepstakes or giveaways that you may enter.

Many survey companies, such as the Pew Research Center, limit their reach to the continental United States only. Sometimes, this extends to being only contiguous rather than continental, just for the sake of convenience. The major reason why sweepstakes are often not inclusive of Hawaiian citizens is due to the location of Hawaii itself. In order to interview, discuss, or engage with people in Hawaii, the researchers would have to find a way to travel to Hawaii, which just is not the most practical way of handling business, given the distance between Hawaii and the rest of the United States.

This extends into situations where data is collected from certain parts of the world, which tends to be for an anthropological purpose or from a sociological standpoint. The most common example of this in action would be surveys. The spokespeople for the Pew Research Center have said that they account for people in the non-continental United States byadjusting the samples the collect.

In order to do so, the researchers take a look at the information collected by the United States Census Bureau to determine the average gender, age, race, and other defining aspects of people in terms of research surveying. This is incredibly important because it is false advertising to make claims about the United States if the entire population of the country is not taken into consideration.

Continental United States 2020

State Abbreviation Capital 2020 Pop. Date Established
AlabamaALMontgomery4,908,621December 14, 1819
AlaskaAKJuneau734,002January 3, 1959
ArizonaAZPhoenix7,378,494February 14, 1912
ArkansasARLittle Rock3,038,999June 15, 1836
CaliforniaCASacramento39,937,489September 9, 1850
ColoradoCODenver5,845,526August 1, 1976
ConnecticutCTHartford3,563,077January 9, 1788
DelawareDEDover982,895December 7, 1787
FloridaFLTallahassee21,992,985March 3, 1845
GeorgiaGAAtlanta10,736,059January 2, 1788
IdahoIDBoise1,826,156July 3, 1890
IllinoisILSpringfield12,659,682December 3, 1818
IndianaINIndianapolis6,745,354December 11, 1816
IowaIADes Moines3,179,849December 28, 1946
KansasKSTopeka2,910,357January 29, 1861
KentuckyKYFrankfort4,499,692June 1, 1792
LouisianaLABaton Rouge4,645,184April 30, 1812
MaineMEAugusta1,345,790March 15, 1820
MarylandMDAnnapolis6,083,116April 28, 1788
MassachusettsMABoston6,976,597February 6, 1788
MichiganMILansing10,045,029January 26, 1837
MinnesotaMNSt. Paul5,700,671May 11, 1858
MississippiMSJackson2,989,260December 10, 1817
MissouriMOJefferson City6,169,270August 10, 1821
MontanaMTHelena1,086,759November 8, 1889
NebraskaNELincoln1,952,570March 1, 1867
NevadaNVCarson City3,139,658October 31, 1864
New HampshireNHConcord1,371,246June 21, 1788
New JerseyNJTrenton8,936,574December 18, 1787
New MexicoNMSanta Fe2,096,640January 6, 1912
New YorkNYAlbany19,440,469July 26, 1788
North CarolinaNCRaleigh10,611,862November 21, 1789
North DakotaNDBismarck761,723November 2, 1889
OhioOHColumbus11,747,694March 1, 1803
OklahomaOKOklahoma City3,954,821November 16, 1907
OregonORSalem4,301,089February 14, 1859
PennsylvaniaPAHarrisburg12,820,878December 12, 1787
Rhode IslandRIProvidence1,056,161May 29, 1790
South CarolinaSCColumbia5,210,095May 23, 1788
South DakotaSDPierre903,027November 2, 1889
TennesseeTNNashville6,897,576June 1, 1796
TexasTXAustin29,472,295December 29, 1845
UtahUTSalt Lake City3,282,115January 4, 1896
VermontVTMontpelier628,061March 4, 1791
VirginiaVARichmond8,626,207June 25, 1788
WashingtonWAOlympia7,797,095November 11, 1889
West VirginiaWVCharleston1,778,070June 20, 1863
WisconsinWIMadison5,851,754May 29, 1848
WyomingWYCheyenne567,025July 10, 1890