Delaware State Capital: Dover

In United States each state has a capital city that houses the capitol building which is the center of government for that particular state. The U.S. is a union of fifty states hence fifty capitals. The capitals for various states include;

What Is The Capital Of Delaware?

Delaware is considered as the first state because it was the first to ratify the constitution. Delaware State was laid in 1717 around the existing county courthouse and jail on the order of William Penn. William Penn chattered Kent County and ordered his surveyors to lay out a ton in 1863. In 1777 Delaware state named Dover as its capital in the east central portion of the state on st Jones River.  Dover was incorporated as a town in 1829 and as a city in 1929. Dover city had steady and rapid growth having a new Kent county court house made the population and interaction between the occupants hence attracting also housed the Wesley College hence acted as an education centre. As time went by, religious inventors showed interest in the new state capital, founded a new religion which made Dover become religious center. Dover as privileged to have the first major non-agricultural industry which offered market for local labour force. Dover has had a significant growth and impact to its people by maintaining economic wellbeing of the Delaware state residents. It is evident by fast population growth and job opportunities for the people of Delaware State. With Dover security base which provides stability and enforces law and order for the residents. There are several reasons why Dover as chosen and made the capital of Delaware.

Reasons Why Dover Was Made the Capital of Delaware

At first the capital of Delaware as situated at New castle until in 1777 it was moved in Dover.

The reasons include:

  • Dover was centrally located and had the best location to house the capital of Delaware
  • Unlike the New Castle, Dover was safe from British raiders from Delaware River.


As per the provisions of the U.S. constitution each state should have a state capital where the capitol buildings are housed and legislative activities concerning the sates are performed. The capital location is determined by votes of the county’s legislative committee considering factors such as space for expansion, infrastructure, security, and overall accessibility of the proposed location.  Most of the state capitals were laid in the late 18th up to early 19th century.

Delaware State Capital: Dover