Florida State Capital: Tallahassee

Located in north-central Florida, not far from the Georgia state line, Tallahassee became the Capital in 1824. Chosen for its geographical location, Tallahassee was close to the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Georgia. Thus, before the Capital's installment in its current location, the Florida legislature had to travel from Saint Augustine one session and to Pensacola for the next.

A Central Location

The distance between Saint Augustine and Pensacola is approximately 400 miles and takes about six hours to drive on today's modern highways. Back in the day, though, that is the 1800's, travel was by horseback, carriage, or buggy if you were lucky, and by foot, if you were not.

The same trip that takes six hours today would have taken at least 20 days during that era. In addition, locating the Capital in Tallahassee almost split the distance between Pensacola and Saint Augustine, making it easier for those from the eastern and western coastal areas to meet for state business.

Setting down roots, Florida becomes a State

Ceded from Spain by treaty to America, in 1821, there was a need for a southern post for American business to be conducted. Accordingly, the legislature of Florida chose Tallahassee as the Capital.

In 1824, the first state houses of Florida were a collection of three log cabins. Two years later, a two-story masonry building was constructed, and the Capital of Florida was firmly planted in Tallahassee.

As the state grew, so did business and its move towards statehood. In 1839, congress allocated $20,000 for the construction of a new capital that could also be used as a Territorial Legislature. Not yet a state, Washington was doing all it could to entice Florida into statehood. That finally happened in 1845, when Florida became the 27th state of America.

Tallahassee, Florida's historical Capital

Today, the Capital of Florida is a thriving city of close to two hundred thousand residents. It is at the exact location chosen in 1839, and a bit of the old Capital remains enshrined in every restoration performed since it was first built.

The growth of this diverse state has led it to be the third most populated state in the country. A business hub for the world, it has been coined the Sunshine State. Florida has a rich history, and Tallahassee has proven to be an excellent location to manage the state.

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Florida State Capital: Tallahassee