Does it Snow in Florida?

The official state nickname for the state of Florida is the Sunshine State, and Florida generally does live up to this nickname. Generally speaking, you are likely to experience quite mild winters in the state of Florida. It rarely gets cold enough in Florida for snowfall to happen. However, it has snowed in the state of Florida in the past.

The last time that the state of Florida got snowfall was in 2017. However, even that was only a snow flurry. It is unusual to see snowfall in the state of Florida, but you might rarely see some snow in the northern part of the state in a particularly cold winter season.

How Much Does It Snow in Florida Each Year?

As previously stated, Florida is generally one of the warmest states in the entire United States. That is one reason why it is a popular destination for both tourists and snowbirds. In fact, the average annual snowfall for the state of Florida is zero inches. This is not surprising when you consider how rare snowfall is in the state. There were some snow flurries in Florida as recently as January 2022, however. Most parts of Florida are generally too warm even in winter for snowfall.

Avg. Annual Snow
0.01 in.
Avg. Annual Days With Snow
1-Day Snowfall Record
4 in.
Snowfall Record Date
March 06, 1954

Does it Snow in Florida?