Is Weed Legal in Florida?

You should know that recreational marijuana is still completely illegal in the state of Florida. You cannot legally use, possess, or sell recreational marijuana in Florida. Possessing up to a maximum of 20 grams of weed or less is a misdemeanor in the state of Florida. That is one part of the answer to the question of is weed legal in Florida.

You can go to jail for a maximum of one year and you may have to pay a $1,000 fine for possessing up to that amount of marijuana in Florida. Medical marijuana is legal in some circumstances in Florida. You do have to get a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed physician to obtain it, though.

What Is Florida's History Of Marijuana Legalization?

The first significant development in Florida's marijuana legalization history happened back in 2014. This is when the Florida Legislature agreed to pass the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act. This act lets severely ill patients who have epilepsy or cancer use cannabis that is low in THC for medical purposes. Additionally, the Florida Department of Health set up the Office of Compassionate Use and the Office of Compassionate Use was created to manage the medical cannabis program in Florida.

The next important development was the Right to Try Act. Rick Scott, who was the governor of Florida at the time, signed the Right to Try Act in 2015, and this act permitted physicians to give severely ill patients medicines that the FDA had not approved, as well as experimental treatments. House Bill 307 passed in March 2016 and medical cannabis, as well as low-THC, made it onto the experimental medicine list as a result. Amendment 2, also called the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, was passed by Florida voters on November 8, 2016.

More than 70% of Florida voters voted in favor of Amendment 2 and this amendment allowed for medical cannabis to be legalized more broadly. Amendment 2 also expanded the qualifying conditions list, too. The Office of Compassionate Use also became the Office of Medical Marijuana Use because of Amendment 2's passage. Amendment 2 also called for Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers to be set up in Florida.

Where Can You Legally Buy Weed in Florida?

You need a registry identification card to buy medical marijuana in Florida. If you have one, then you can go to a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center and purchase medical marijuana. You can buy a 70-day supply of cannabis in other forms aside from smokable flowers at a time. You can only buy a 35-day supply of smokable marijuana flowers at a time and this supply consists of 2.5 ounces of the flowers at most.

Is Weed Legal in Florida?