Is Weed Legal in Georgia?

Georgia is a state that has severe restrictions on marijuana. One part of the answer to the question is weed legal in Georgia is that recreational marijuana is completely illegal in the state of Georgia. It is good to make sure that you do not possess or use recreational marijuana in this state. However, medical marijuana is somewhat legal in the state of Georgia, though there are restrictions on it. You can get medical CBD in the state of Georgia.

It is important to mention that this medical CBD must come in an extract form. That is not all. This medical CBD extract must have a low amount of THC and a high amount of CBD in it, too.

Some cities in Georgia have decriminalized marijuana possession if you have 1 ounce or less. The fines for marijuana possession in these cities range from $75 all the way up to $300. Savannah and Atlanta are two Georgia cities that have decriminalized marijuana possession if you have one ounce of it or less. If you're in a Georgia city that hasn't decriminalized marijuana possession at all, possessing one ounce of marijuana or less constitutes a misdemeanor. You will face a $1,000 fine and one year in jail for possessing an ounce or less of marijuana in this case.

Marijuana Legalization in Georgia

There has not been too much progress towards marijuana legalization in the state of Georgia. The most recent legislative development was Georgia's Hope Act, which went into effect in July 2019. This made it legal for registered patients to buy low-THC oil. The Hope Act also created an in-state system for cultivating, producing, and dispensing low-THC oil and gave the Georgia Secretary of State to oversee this system via the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission. According to the Hope Act, patients can only have 20 fluid ounces of low-THC oil at most.

How Do You Buy Cannabis in Georgia Legally?

The patient registry in Georgia is overseen by the Georgia Composite Medical Board and the Georgia Department of Public Health. You can get a registry card from the Department of Public Health if you pay a $25 fee and receive a recommendation from a doctor. You can pick up your registry card at a public health office in Georgia within 15 business days of successfully applying for it. You should also know that these registry cards are valid for a total of two years.

Is Weed Legal in Georgia?