Is Weed Legal in Hawaii?

Cannabis is not legal in Hawaii. However, it's legal to possess hemp-derived CBD products if you have the qualifying medical conditions and a state-issued medical marijuana card. The use of cannabis for recreational purposes is illegal in Hawaii. The possession of less than 3 grams of cannabis is considered a misdemeanor and attracts a fine of $130.

Maui County

In Maui, possession of more than 15 ounces of weed is a felony, and you'll be charged a fine of $10,000 or serve five years in prison. Citizens from other states who wish to purchase CBD products in Maui county must apply and be approved to obtain weed from dispensaries even if they have cards from their home state.

Maui's regulations don't allow patients to purchase more than 4 ounces for two consecutive weeks and 8 ounces for four consecutive weeks. It's also mandatory for patients transporting medical marijuana to carry it in sealed containers. Additionally, it's illegal to transport cannabis between Maui and other islands.

Hawaii County

Before you are eligible for medical marijuana use in Hawaii County, you should register with the Hawaii Medical Marijuana Program. At the beginning of 2019, the government allowed users to enroll in the program from out of state. Once you register for the program and indicate that you intend to grow your supply in the application, you're allowed to grow a maximum of 10 plants.

Hawaii County allows patients to grow the plants in their home or that of their caregiver. It is also legal to cultivate cannabis plants on another site that you or the caregiver controls. All the plants should have the patient's card number and the expiration date.

Kauai County

If you wish to purchase weed for medicinal purposes in Kauai county, the first step is to find the businesses with a valid state operating license. The county also allows for marijuana home delivery services. However, before making an order, you need to ensure that your preferred marijuana dispensary is legal.

To do this, confirm that the dispensary displays the state license on their website. Additionally, when the employees deliver your CBD products, they need to ask for your identification to confirm that you're above 21 years old. The businesses that conduct their operations without adhering to such regulations may not be legal.

Most people who seek marijuana for medicinal purposes in Kauai County use it as an alternative to prescription medication used to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain.

Honolulu County

It is legal to purchase weed in Honolulu if you have eligible debilitating medical conditions. It's also illegal to smoke or possess marijuana in the county. If you're a marijuana patient, you must medicate in the privacy of your home. If you prefer purchasing your products from online dispensaries, it's possible to schedule for pick-up.

This is made easier with the use of dispensary locators that help you to find the best shops for pick up close to you. You should know that Honolulu doesn't allow weed delivery.

Is Weed Legal in Hawaii?