How Many States Did Trump Win 2020

How many states did Trump win?

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in November 2016. Trump won the electoral vote against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton 304-227. Donald Trump won the vote of 30 states while Hillary Clinton won 20.

While some historically Democratic states like California and New York stayed democratic in 2016, Trump won some crucial states that had previously voted for President Obama in 2012 such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

PVI is the Cook Partisan Voting Index is the measurement of how strongly a Unite States congressional district or state leans toward the Democratic or Republican Party compared to the nation as a whole. For example, if the national average is 49% Republican, and the Republican candidate of a state wins 58% of the two-party share, then that state voted 9 percentage points more Republican than the country, or R+9.

The states with the highest PVI that voted more Republican than the national average are Wyoming (R+25), Utah (R+20), and Oklahoma (R+20). The PVI of all 50 states in the 2016 election was R+3.48. Wyoming is the most conservative state in the US, having voted a Republican Party candidate for every presidential election since the 1950s (except for the 1964 election).

Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire were all even between Republican and Democrat in the 2016 election. Trump ended up winning Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

The map and table show which states voted for Trump, which states voted for Hillary, and which were split even. In general, the northeast and west coast voted Democratic, and the Great Plains states and south voted Republican.

State PVI Governor Party Senate Party House Balance 2020 Pop.
UtahR+20RepublicanRepublican3R, 1D3,282,115
OklahomaR+20RepublicanRepublican4R, 1D3,954,821
West VirginiaR+19RepublicanBoth3R1,778,070
North DakotaR+17RepublicanRepublican1R761,723
KentuckyR+15RepublicanRepublican5R, 1D4,499,692
TennesseeR+14RepublicanRepublican7R, 2D6,897,576
South DakotaR+14RepublicanRepublican1R903,027
AlabamaR+14RepublicanBoth6R, 1D4,908,621
KansasR+13DemocraticRepublican3R, 1D2,910,357
LouisianaR+11DemocraticRepublican5R, 1D4,645,184
MissouriR+9RepublicanRepublican6R, 2D6,169,270
MississippiR+9RepublicanRepublican3R, 1D2,989,260
IndianaR+9RepublicanRepublican7R, 2D6,745,354
TexasR+8RepublicanRepublican23R, 13D29,472,295
South CarolinaR+8RepublicanRepublican5R, 2D5,210,095
GeorgiaR+5RepublicanRepublican9R, 5D10,736,059
ArizonaR+5RepublicanBoth5D, 4R7,378,494
OhioR+3RepublicanBoth12R, 4D11,747,694
North CarolinaR+3DemocraticRepublican8R, 3D, 2 Vacant10,611,862
IowaR+3RepublicanRepublican3D, 1R3,179,849
FloridaR+2RepublicanRepublican14R, 13D21,992,985
WisconsinEvenDemocraticBoth5R, 3D5,851,754
PennsylvaniaEvenDemocraticBoth9D, 9R12,820,878
New HampshireEvenRepublicanDemocratic2D1,371,246
VirginiaD+1DemocraticDemocratic7D, 4R8,626,207
NevadaD+1DemocraticDemocratic3D, 1R3,139,658
MinnesotaD+1DemocraticDemocratic5D, 3R5,700,671
MichiganD+1DemocraticDemocratic7D, 6R, 1I10,045,029
ColoradoD+1DemocraticBoth4D, 3R5,845,526
New MexicoD+3DemocraticDemocratic3D2,096,640
OregonD+5DemocraticDemocratic4D, 1R4,301,089
WashingtonD+7DemocraticDemocratic7D, 3R7,797,095
New JerseyD+7DemocraticDemocratic11D, 1R8,936,574
IllinoisD+7DemocraticDemocratic13D, 5R12,659,682
Rhode IslandD+10DemocraticDemocratic2D1,056,161
New YorkD+12DemocraticDemocratic21D, 6R19,440,469
MarylandD+12RepublicanDemocratic7D, 1R6,083,116
CaliforniaD+12DemocraticDemocratic46D, 7R39,937,489