Is Weed Legal in Idaho?

No, weed is not legal in Idaho. The exception is CBD with 0% THC that's extracted from the mature stalk of cannabis plants. If you are found to possess 85 grams of weed, it is punishable by a $1,000 fine or one year in prison.

Boise, ID

In Boise, you're likely to face up to five years in jail for possession of more than 85 grams of cannabis. It's also an offense to be in a place where the sale of cannabis is taking place, and you'll receive a fine of $300 or 90 days in jail. The manufacturing and consumption of CBD products are legal in Boise, with most people preferring to purchase CBD products online.

However, you should seek the assistance of a reputable vendor as this guarantees that the CBD you purchase is of high quality. You need to know that quality CBD products should be sourced from legal industrial hemp and have a THC content of less than 0.3%.

Meridian, ID

The state regulation on the possession and sale of marijuana is applicable in Meridian. You should know that it's legal to purchase and consume CBD products in this city. However, before purchasing your product in-store or online, ensure that the vendor displays their license number so that you can audit whether they're legal.

If the website you wish to purchase your product has a license number, it's likely a legitimate platform, and you can buy your medical marijuana there. If it doesn't display the state license number, then most likely, it's not legitimate.

Nampa, ID

Based on the recent census, 17% of the people in Nampa are over 60 years with 8.6% being veterans. This is a group that's usually targeted for CBD-based products. Like most cities in Idaho, dispensaries sell medical cannabis pre-packaged. Suppose you purchase your medical weed from a dispensary that packages your cannabis as a custom order instead of a pre-packaged order. In that case, you're most likely buying from a black market business.

When purchasing your CBD products from a weed dispensary in Nampa, you should check for the cannabis-testing information on the package. This will indicate the tests conducted on the product, including THC% and other compounds such as CBD. The test will also certify that the product you purchase doesn't have fertilizer residue or pesticides.

If you're purchasing from a Nampa dispensary that doesn't display lab testing on their products, you're most likely making an illegal purchase.

Pocatello, Idaho

CBD products have been gaining popularity in Pocatello in the past few years because of their medicinal value. In a recent Hemp Business Journal study, the sales of CBD-based products tripled between 2014 and 2017, and the demand is on the rise, particularly in Pocatello.

So, when you plan to purchase medical marijuana products, there are different things to look out for that will help you distinguish whether or not you're using a legitimate product. For instance, you should confirm the CBD products are derived from legal industrial hemp. The CBD should also be extracted using low-temperature carbon dioxide equipment.

Is Weed Legal in Idaho?