Is Weed Legal in Illinois?

Yes, weed is legal in Illinois. The state’s General assembly passed a law legalizing the use and sale of recreational marijuana for adults aged 21 years and above.

As such, Illinois residents can buy five grams of cannabis concentrated products, 30 grams or an ounce of marijuana flower, or 500mg of edibles with not more than 500mg of THC.

However, the state left it to individual municipalities, villages, cities, and towns to legalize recreational marijuana sales within their respective jurisdictions.

Chicago, IL

Chicago is one of the districts in Illinois that legalized recreational weed on 1st January 2020. Adults must be 21 years and older and have a valid ID to purchase, possess, and consume cannabis products legally. Young adults aged 18 years can also possess marijuana if they have a medical cannabis card and have a doctor who has confirmed they have a qualifying condition.

Buffalo Grove, IL

Buffalo Grove legalized recreational cannabis following a proposal by the State Rep. Daniel Didech of Buffalo Grove to the Illinois House of Representatives. However, growing, cultivating, and processing cannabis products outside of edibles is prohibited in the village, and only two recreational dispensaries can operate in Buffalo Grove.

According to Didech, the sales tax collected from the dispensaries will fund infrastructure projects, avert property tax increases, and support police and fire services.

Elk Grove Village, IL

The village did not decide whether or not to allow the trading of recreational marijuana in dispensaries until they received a proposal from a business to do so. However, Elk Grove Village allows the cultivation of medical marijuana for years following the legalization of medical marijuana in Illinois.

Crystal Lake, IL

Crystal Lake allows marijuana dispensaries to operate within a 500-foot buffer between them and places considered sensitive, i.e., schools, religious establishments, child care facilities, and open spaces. What’s more, only two marijuana dispensaries can operate at a time.

However, Crystal Lake’s Planning and Zoning Commission plans to host another meeting to discuss if it will allow more than two cannabis dispensaries to operate. The commission also plans to reduce the stipulated distance between marijuana dispensaries and sensitive areas.

Grayslake, IL

The village board in Grayslake banned the sale of recreational marijuana until January 2021, even after the state had legalized it. The leaders explained that the one-year ban would allow them to assess the impact of marijuana sales on the community.

The areas where cannabis products can be sold in Grayslake remain restricted because the ban has not yet been lifted.

Marengo, IL

The village allows adult recreational use of marijuana following The Illinois Cannabis Regulation & Tax Act. As such, residents over 21 years can store, buy and sell a range of CBD and THC products.

As for medical marijuana, Marengo residents must have a valid Medical Marijuana Card to buy it. The possession limit for residents is as follows:

30 gm of cannabis flower 500 mg of THC in cannabis-infused products 5 gm of cannabis concentrate Residents may also possess 30 gm of cannabis if grown and secured at home under specific conditions

Is Weed Legal in Illinois?