Is Weed Legal in Indiana?

No, weed is not legal in Indiana. However, Indiana legalized Hemp-derived CBD in 2018, allowing consumers to purchase CBD products with less than 0.3% THC. The growing of hemp for commercial purposes in Indiana was legalized in 2014 under the Industrial Hemp Act.

Indianapolis, IN

In Indianapolis, it's illegal to be in possession of any amount of cannabis. If you're a first-time offender with no aggravating factors, you'll be fined $1,000 and face up to 180 days in jail. The use of CBD products with a THC content of 0.3% is accepted. However, if you're found in possession of products with a concentration higher 0.3%, you'll be charged with the sale and manufacture of these products.

It's also legal to purchase CBD in different forms, with the most popular options being topicals, oils and tinctures and edibles. Most people prefer to source their products online, especially from outlets that offer delivery.

While plenty of checkout systems support U.S. CBD sellers, some companies consider it restricted business and won't accept any online transactions. That's why it's advisable to confirm the checkout system on a website before purchasing CBD online.

If you don't want to purchase CBD products online, Indianapolis has different licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

Fort Wayne, IN

While other states have continued to outlaw adult-use cannabis, the laws in ForWayne are harsh, especially for individuals caught in possession of hash and concentrates. If you're found with more than five grams, it's considered a felony charge punishable by a fine of $10,000.

Research shows that 68% of the adult population in the United States are pushing for the legalization of recreational marijuana, and this is no different in FortWayne. In this city, 91% of the residents support medical marijuana, while 59% support the legalization of the plant and its products.

Given that CBD products are legal in FortWayne, you can purchase medical marijuana legally as long as you have a valid medical cannabis doctor's appointment.

Evansville, IN

In Evansville, CBD oil over other types of application by medical marijuana patients. So, when selecting the best CBD products, it's important to settle on quality products. For instance, when purchasing your products, you need to ensure that they don't include any synthetic substances like flavors and colorings, as this could affect your well-being.

The city has a restricted medical CBD program that allows CBD products to consume for patients with qualifying conditions. However, you'll need to show your doctor's prescription at a licensed dispensary before purchasing your product.

South Bend, IN

In South Bend, you can face up to three years in jail or a fine of $10,000 if you're found in possession of more than 30 grams of marijuana. Research shows that 91% of United States residents support the legalization of marijuana for recreational and medicinal use, and this is no different in South Bend, IN. 59, 612 of the city residents support the full legalization of the plant and its products, while 91,944 support medical criminalization

Is Weed Legal in Indiana?