What is Indiana Known For?

If you’re curious about the Midwest, look no further than Indiana, also called the ‘Crossroads of America.’ But, what is Indiana known for? Let’s discover what makes Indiana famous.


Begin your adventure by visiting the most populous city in Indiana and the seat of Marion County. Indianapolis is also the home to the largest single-day sporting activity in the world, the Indy 500.

It’s also home to the world’s largest children’s museum. Its residents thrive tailgating for their sports teams and riding bikes to their fancy food spots. From food to sports, Indianapolis is a secret gem.

Vast Farmlands

Indiana is famous for its vast farmlands, with 80% being either woodland, forest, or farmland. There are over 94,000 farmers in Indiana! Again, did you know Indiana has 194,000 dairy cows compared to 66,266 people in Cheyenne?

Indiana grows many crops like tobacco, mint, tomatoes, watermelons, soybeans, and corn. It’s known for its farm production and has an FFA (Future Farmer Association) in every city and county. Make sure you drive to the suburbs if you get a chance.


If you’re driving in Indiana, one crop is certain in all seasons: you’ll see a lot of corn! Corn is considered ‘the king’ here because Indiana is located in the Corn Belt region of the USA. This region has been dominated by corn production since the 1800s. Indiana ranks second in America’s production of popcorn and fifth for corn growing.

The Santa Claus

Thanks to Santa Claus, Indiana is known for its year-round Christmas and vacation cheers. This city, also known as the ‘Christmas Hometown,’ attracts dozens of Santa Claus status in Indiana. The city receives tons of Christmas wish lists annually from kids across America and the world. Surprisingly, the locals have been replying to the letters since 1914! They aren’t paid; they reply voluntarily -- how cute is that!


Basketball is associated with Indiana intensively, as locals even call it the ‘Hoosier Hysteria.’ Almost everyone in Indiana plays basketball, and their passion and love for Indian Pacers know no boundary. Although basketball originated in the state of Massachusetts, the basketball’s inventor, James Naismith, claimed that basketball originated from Indiana. He proclaimed this after attending the Indian Basketball state finals in 1925, where about 14,000 basketball fans were cheering their teams.

Johnny Appleseed’s Origin

Jonny Appleseed is one of the most famous characters in America’s folk tales. The story goes that he was responsible for thousands of apple orchards in the USA today. It’s believed that Jonny Appleseed walked across America planting apple seeds wherever he passed. Folk tales might not be true, but a real-life Johnny lived and owned several apple orchards in Indiana.

The Land of Hoosiers

The locals are called Hoosiers. The term was coined about 200 years ago, and nobody knows why! But there is a theory that the term stems from Samuel Hoosier, who could only hire laborers from Indiana to build Portland Canal and Kentucky’s Louisville.

Another theory making more sense is that the name Hoosiers (‘a man who carries corn’) stems from John Finley’s poem, the Hoosier Nest.

What is Indiana Known For?