Maine State Capital: Augusta

Augusta is the capital of Maine, located in Kennebec County, with a population of around 20,000 people. Augusta is the most easternmost capital in the US and the 9th largest city in Maine, but the 3rd smallest capital among states in the country. Typically, Augusta experiences warm, humid summer seasons and cold, snowy winters. The hottest temperatures are recording in the month of July, and January is the coldest on record.

Historically speaking, the Augusta area was home to American Indians for generations, though the first European settlers came in the early 1600s. The long winters proved too difficult for many, so the first permanent settlement was not until 1754.

Since 1832, Augusta has been the capital city of this state, and it covers around 7.5 kilometers of water and nearly 143 kilometers of land. Previously, Portland was the capital city of Maine, but it was relocated to August to be more centralized in the state. Portland is a larger city, by kilometers and population, but it is in the very southernmost region of the state, which may have deterred many Mainers from access to their state capital. Augusta borders the Maine cities of Chelsea, Hallowell, Windsor, Manchester, Vassalboro, and Sidney- and the city of Augusta has its own flag. The government in Maine consists of a City Mayor and City Council.

The Maine State Capital building was designed and completed in 1832- though it has undergone many transformations since. At the time, the $145k cost to construct the statehouse building seemed exorbitant, however this original building still serves as the statehouse and has been recognized as being a historic landmark in the city. Augusta experienced a manufacturing boom in the late 1800s through the early 1900s due to the railroad and steamboat line that ran from and through the city. Wood, paper, textiles, and shoes were profitable Maine industries and the proximity to the Kennebec River made it feasible to ship goods throughout the country to buyers.

Currently, the State of Maine is the city’s largest employer providing administrative, healthcare, and technology jobs widely across the state. The city has strived to recreate and re-brand the downtown waterfront district, converting the now-closed factories and mills into modern, fresh spaces to attract new business, citizens, and interest in the area.

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Maine State Capital: Augusta