Is Weed Legal in Maine?

Yes, weed is legal in Maine. The state first legalized medical marijuana in 1999, allowing patients to grow their plants. Maine residents approved the Question 5 ballot initiative to establish non-profit cannabis dispensaries for medical purposes ten years later.

Maine was also among the first states to institute the use of marijuana medical cards to prevent patients from getting arrested. Later in 2016, the state legalized marijuana use for recreational purposes, taxation, and retail sale after voters approved Question 1 initiative. According to the law, qualified patients:

Can possess 2.5 ounces of prepared marijuana or marijuana flower products Can take marijuana in a private property or residence Can grow up to 12 immature plants, six budding marijuana plants, and unlimited seedlings Can possess 3.6 kg or eight pounds of dried marijuana

Recreational consumers, on the other hand, can use, possess, or transport:

Three mature marijuana plants Up to 5 grams of concentrate and 2.5 ounces of marijuana 12 immature plants Unlimited seedlings If giving away marijuana plants, they must be six mature plants and should be gifted to adults over 21 years free of charge.

If in violation of any of these laws, you’ll be fined up to $100.

Maine’s Communities That Allow the Use of Marijuana Among Adults

According to Maine’s Office of Marijuana Policy, up to 55 communities have adopted the state’s rules for marijuana adult use. We look at a few:

Detroit, Maine

The town’s city council recently approved the operation of recreational marijuana shops under a certification dubbed ‘the Detroit Legacy.’

The premise is to ensure residents have an equal opportunity to participate in the billion-dollar industry. Applicants qualify for the legacy certification if:

They have lived in Detroit for 15 years of the last 30 years Have lived in the town for 13 of the last 30 years and have a low income or, Have lived in the city for 10 of the last 30 years and have been convicted of marijuana-related crimes

Brunswick, Maine

Initially, Brunswick’s zoning regulations didn’t differentiate between medical and recreational marijuana growth operations. The shift in focus to recreational marijuana has caused medical marijuana companies like Wilshire Madison LLC to start growing pot for recreational purposes.

Portland, Maine

Portland recently joined Maine’s 40 communities in issuing licenses to local businesses selling medical and recreational marijuana. The city’s council capped the retail licenses at 20 and established a point system to evaluate applicants.

The selection process prioritizes business owners, the disadvantaged, medical cannabis caregivers, and companies that donate 1% of their profits to curb substance abuse. Here are other categories used in the selection criteria:

Experience in running licensed or regulated businesses Have a long-standing lease on a property Committed to job creation or giving back to the community Well-capitalized businesses, i.e., have at least $150,000 in liquid assets

Is Weed Legal in Maine?