What is Maryland Known For?

The Free State and Old Line State

Maryland has many names, but two of them are considered to be popular and official. The "Free State" is the most common moniker for this state. It originates from Daniel Dulany's speech in 1763, where the lawyer spoke about the local citizens of Maryland, and referred to them as free. This was a few years before the declaration of independence when hatred for England was at its peak. Virginia, being the first English colony, was likened to "slaves". This comparison caught on with the Marylanders and was adopted in political conversations and debates to give birth to the cultural identity that Maryland affiliates itself with today.

The second name, the "Old Line" state comes from the revolutionary war after the declaration of independence. Maryland soldiers were considered throughout the colonies and historians as brave, courageous, and stubborn in their ability to not give any ground to the opposition. Marylanders were no strangers to cannon fire, as they were constantly barraged while attempting to protect other civilians and soldiers in the field of battle and beyond. The Old Line is an adage to the fact that Marylanders would die rather than give up any inch of the ground.

Chesapeake Bay

One of the largest estuaries can be found in Maryland, named Chesapeake bay. It is home to many species of plants and animals, with the ecosystem numbering in the thousands. Native American tribes that were local to this region would frequently use the bay for freshwater and fishing resources. While this included the large pescatarian diets for the locals, it also helped supplement them with the flora necessary to supply their types of equipment.

Over 16 million people live on the coast of this estuary, and it is sometimes believed that this has polluted the water. This couldn't be farther from the truth. The beautiful estuary is largely found in Maryland but shares itself with 4 other states, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware.


Baltimore is one of the most visited cities in the country. It has many attractions, mostly an adage to the cultural center that Maryland has adopted. It is home to many research facilities and it is well-known for investing in healthcare. The Maryland Science Centre is a contribution to the public to learn more about the efforts that scientists are making, especially in terms of their advancements in helpful research. Baltimore is also home to many sea-life attractions and activities, such as the National Aquarium. Much of the diversity found in the bay and beyond is brought here to thrive in an assisted habitat. It also teaches visitors about the efforts and responsibilities that we all have to clean our precious bodies of water.

Baltimore is one of America's first cities, founded in 1729 by Tomas Cresap. The famous inner harbor initiated construction only a few decades later and is surrounded by many ports and relevant facilities, making it a state landmark.

What is Maryland Known For?