Is Weed Legal in Massachusetts?

The answer to the question, “is weed legal in Massachusetts” is yes, but there are a number of guidelines you should know about before you travel there with or without cannabis. If you follow the same responsibilities that you would with alcohol, you will be following marijuana legislation guidelines and penalties closely.

Cannabis or weed is legal in Massachusetts for residents over the age of 21. It can be carried, and it can also be cultivated. The guidelines for cultivation stipulate six plants in total per person in a household over the age of 21. If there are two people in a home over the age of 21, then 12 plants in total would be permitted.

For marijuana possession, adults over the age of 21 may have as many as 10 ounces in their home, in addition to any plants being cultivated. There are rules for buying limits and public consumption.

Buying Limits of Marijuana in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, you can not purchase more than one ounce of marijuana at a time. Of that one ounce, there can not be more than five grams of cannabis concentrate. You are required to purchase it from a dispensary, where the staff can help ensure that you stay within your legal limits of purchasing. Their actions are as regulated as yours, and they can not legally sell you more than you are allowed to purchase.

Public Consumption

The public consumption of marijuana is not permitted in any public location in Massachusetts. If you wish to smoke in hotels, you will have to ask permission ahead of time. As much as smoking cannabis in Massachusetts is legal, it is not a mainstream thing to do in public. There are serious penalties and fines.

There may be some cities in Massachusetts that allow for public consumption, for an event or municipal exception. Some bars or restaurants may also allow it, but that must be regulated by the Cannabis Control Commission.

For renters, landlords may regulate marijuana consumption in a lease agreement with a smoking stipulation. However, because the law has provided for Massachusetts residents to consume and own marijuana, landlords may not prevent residents from consuming or owning it. If a resident is not allowed to smoke in their home, they must find another place to smoke it, but can consume marijuana in any other way inside their homes. Any stipulations by a landlord to the contrary would not be legal.

Overall, the answer to the question, “is weed legal in Massachusetts” is, yes. Be responsible if you choose to own cannabis when in Massachusetts.

Is Weed Legal in Massachusetts?