State Capital: St. Paul, Minnesota

State capitols are most often established to create a centralized seat of government within a state. By having a state capitol, stales are able to then collect and gather information to then send back to the federal government making governing the states simpler and more effective. In the state of Minnesota, the capitol is the city of St. Paul.

St. Paul has served as the official capitol of Minnesota since 1859 when the territory was officially established as a state. St. Paul, though the official capitol and seat of government within the state of Minnesota, is not the largest city. The largest city in the state is Minneapolis and together the two cities make up the Twin Cities. These two cities border one another.

Capitol Buildings

Though there has only ever been one city named the capitol of Minnesota, there have been three capitol buildings that have been erected. The first was completed in 1853 and was used as the government building for the state of Minnesota until the year 1881 when the building then burned to the ground. The second capitol building was completed in 1883 but was only used for ten years before a larger building was planned and eventually carried out.

The building that is now used as the state capitol building was completed in 1905 and cost around $4.5 million when it was first built. The building is now estimated to cost around $400 million. Though the original building was large enough to house both the seat of government and offices, the offices have since been moved out to other buildings.

The City Itself

St. Paul is home to the largest hockey mural in the world. The mural is 300 foot by 50 foot and is part of the Treasure Island Center downtown. St. Paul is the second most populous city in the state and has an estimated population of over 300,000 residents. It also has more shore line on the Mississippi River than any other state the country. The city was originally named Pig’s Eye or Pig’s Eye Landing before it was officially named St. Paul.

It is also home to the longest preserved Victorian avenue in the country, Summit Avenue and this street is home to the governor’s mansion and was once home to author F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sinclair Lewis. St. Paul is best known for manufacturing and is a fantastic are if you are looking for a blend of modern and historical all rolled into one.