Missouri State Capital: Jefferson City

Missouri, located in the Mid-western region, is a state of the United States of America. It gets its name from a Sioux Indian tribe called the Missouris. With a population of plus 6M people, Missouri is the 19th largest state in the U.S.

St Louis, Columbia, Springfield, and Kentucky City are the largest urban areas in Missouri. In addition, Jefferson City is the capital of the state.

As the capital of Missouri, Jefferson City, also called Jeff City, is the seat of Cole County. Named for Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd United States President, it also houses the Jefferson City Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Jefferson City's current site was chosen in 1821 through a land donation under the U.S. Congress Act. Daniel M. Boone, a Kentucky frontiersman's son, laid out the original city.

Additionally, Jefferson City is on the Ozark Plateau's northern edge on the Missouri map and south of the Missouri River. Also, sitting in the western area of the Missouri Rhineland, Jeff City is 29 miles between Missouri and Columbia.

Another distinct feature in Jefferson City is the domed capitol rising from a bluff overlooking the Missouri River.

Why is Jefferson City the Capital of Missouri?

  1. A Look into Missouri's Birth and Jefferson City Owing to the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, the Missouri territory came into being. Although it was seen as the Gateway to the west on the American frontier, the eastern region had the largest population.

18 years later, Missouri became part of the Union, still retaining its slave state status. During this time, the need for a centrally located capital was rising. Eventually, a central trading post right in Missouri wilderness became a favorite location for the state legislature's seat. First named Missourioporis, it later became Jefferson City.

  1. Jeff City Today With a population of 42 895 people, Jefferson City is centrally located and close to Missouri. As a result, it has become a critical manufacturing and trading capital in the mid-western region. Because of this, many people in the capital are employed in the manufacturing and service industries.

You can find booming industries in this city, such as cosmetics, automotive seats, and other specialty businesses. In addition, the Cole County Historical Museum, Clark Monument, and other fun outdoor activities can provide everyone in Jefferson City with something to do.

Lincoln University, founded by the 62nd Regiment of the U.S. Colored Troops in 1866, is a well-known educational center in Jefferson City.

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Missouri State Capital: Jefferson City