Is Weed Legal in New Hampshire?

The answer to the question, “is weed legal in New Hampshire” is yes, but only for medicinal purposes. There are penalties still for possession for recreational use still. However, these offenses are treated with a similar weight of the law as traffic violations.

Fines are the current penalty for marijuana possession. First-time possession offenses for those over 18 do not carry prison or jail terms if the amount is less than three-quarters of an ounce. The fines are higher with subsequent offenses.

Hash has not been decriminalized, but penalties are lighter since cannabis legislation passed in New Hampshire. Possession of hash of less than five grams is a misdemeanor with a $100 fine, and fines increasing with subsequent offenses.

New Hampshire Marijuana Legislation

Marijuana legislation in New Hampshire has made weed legal in New Hampshire for medicinal purposes. It is legal for recreational purposes as well as of 2017. The carrying limit for marijuana is 21 grams of cannabis or a cannabis product, and a THC cap of no more than 300 milligrams, or 5 grams of hash. Fines are levied for the first offense past those limits, up to $100.

With House Bill 573, New Hampshire was the nineteenth state in the United States to allow for medical marijuana. This law establishes the conditions that New Hampshire residents must have in order to qualify for medical marijuana.

HB 573 requires that dispensaries of medical marijuana be non-profit organizations, and have mandated medical marijuana cards along with possession and purchasing limits. The decriminalization of recreational marijuana remains a hot point in the state legislature.

New Hampshire’s Fight for Recreational Marijuana

Advocates of recreational marijuana have experienced setbacks under a Republican majority in the legislature. Republican Governor Chris Sununu is against the legalization of marijuana. Two bills came to the House by 2021 but were delayed until 2022. The bills HB 237 and HB 629 would tax and legalize its possession and home cultivation but did not pass.

Still, over 75 percent of New Hampshire residents support the legalization of recreational marijuana. It is not something that the Republicans are in favor of.

When wondering is weed legal in New Hampshire, the answer yes may come from the New Hampshire Democrats. The House Minority Leader Renny Cushing is hoping to bring constitutional amendments to the state legislature. If 60 percent of the legislators pass the amendments, it could happen.

Is Weed Legal in New Hampshire?