What is New Jersey Known For?


New Jersey is credited with having the first-ever baseball game ( which was organized and recorded) in Elysian Fields in the year 1846. The New Jersey team was facing the New York Nine and used modern rules. New Jersey was the prime place to have this official game happen as it was far away from Manhattan, which was actively being developed and players could not risk damaging the windows of the bustling real estate in that city. Elysian Fields is extremely close to Manhattan, and is the epitome of the "Garden State"

Saltwater Taffy

Saltwater Taffy is an extremely popular treat amongst Americans, and even around the world. Although the name would betray a more coastal city, salt water taffy was invented in Atlantic City. Visitors from around the world come and try this famous invention, and it is also extremely popular with locals and citizens. New Jersey prides itself on this cultural invention, so much so that over 70 flavors exist in the state, where companies compete to gain the biggest following. In 2013, a popular saltwater taffy reported that they sold over 600,000 pounds of taffy only in Atlantic City alone.

The name, strangely enough, does not mean that salt water is used in the ingredients. In 1883, a local candy store was flooded with seawater and the owner joked that all he had left to sell to the population was "saltwater" taffy. After he was back on his feet, the name stuck, and the popular treat was born.

Thomas Edison

Edison was a famous inventor, famously credited with the Tesla coil. His final years were spent in the state of New Jersey. Although he traveled around much of the state's cities, he moved to Menlo Park in 1876. Edison went on to build his most notable laboratory here. In 1877, he invented the phonograph, and the electric light was founded in 1878. These two inventions earned him the nickname "Wizard of Menlo Park" as his inventions seemed to be magical.

Large Metropolis

Although New Jersey is known as the "Garden State", this does not reflect its current situation. Originally known as a get-away state for both the rich and poor of Manhattan, New Jersey is a hub of trade, commerce, and work among many states. It connects itself to both New York and Philadelphia, which have extremely strong economies, diverse populations, and access to advanced education. The lower real estate prices and the ease of access to New Jersey attract many people to live in this state, primarily to commute to work.

This has created a unique approach to life, as NJ has the highest number of "urbanized" counties in America. Because of this, the transportation system of New Jersey is extremely intricate and is known as the busiest in the world. New Jersey has an extremely dense population because most of the locals are location-agnostic. For every square mile, there are just shy of 1200 people.

What is New Jersey Known For?