Is Weed Legal in New Mexico?

In June 2021, New Mexico decided to let people possess and grow recreational marijuana at home. It became the 16th state to make it legal.

Recreational Possession Laws

People in New Mexico ages 21 and over can legally have up to two ounces of weed on their person. They also can grow up to six plants at home. Any amount above this could possibly result in fines or jail time at the discretion of the jurisdiction questioning a person who happens to have cannabis on them.

Resident Vs. Non-Resident

If visiting New Mexico, you might need to find out how much weed you can have on you during your time there. The amount might not be as much as for residents according to some local lawyers.

Business Sale Requirements

Distributors in New Mexico as of June 2021 may end up receiving permission to grow up to three times more plants than they have already. Dispensaries (pot businesses) that plan to sell weed must have the proper permit, or they could face penalties for unlawful possession or dealing charges if convicted.

Note about Business Sales

The cannabis legalization that happened in summer of 2021 pertains to people having their own supply at home. Plans to allow businesses to sell recreational marijuana in their shops won’t happen until sometime between April-September 2022. Businesses will need to apply as soon as possible to become one of the first to sell recreational weed.

Driving Laws

Similar laws pertaining to driving while under the influence of alcohol also apply to driving while high, as reported by at least one lawyer. It’s harder to prove, but sobriety tests and evidence of slurred speech or other impairments could warrant a DWI/DUI conviction.

If you don't want to get in trouble, make sure you don't have more than 800 milligrams of "edible cannabis" or 16 grams of extract on you in public. Then, don't drive while still feeling its effects.

Marijuana Grade Allowed

According to New Mexico attorneys, people living in this state can use the “raw material” that comes straight from the cannabis plants. This would most likely disqualify any marijuana laced with other illegal drugs. More regulations govern how manufacturers produce cannabis to ensure public health and safety.

Marijuana Usage

People in New Mexico use it for treating a variety of physical and mental health conditions: Nerve pain, post-traumatic stress, cancer, eating disorders, Crohn's disease and more. These and other conditions already qualify New Mexico residents for usage upon applying for a medical card. With recreational permission, people now can treat themselves at home at least to some extent.

Is Weed Legal in New Mexico?