Is Weed Legal in New York?

A September 2021 report states that New York decided to make recreational marijuana legal. Regulations for this state align with many other states that already have legalized it.

Who Can Use

Adults 21 years of age and older can now use it in just about any form they can find it in. In addition, they can offer it to other people as long as those people are at least of the minimum age. Adults will not require a medical card for any amount measured at three ounces or less. Limitations for concentrations and cannabis-based products will vary.

Where Smoking or Usage Is Allowed

One allowance makes NY different than other locations: Users can smoke it in public where smoking tobacco is still legal. Of course, this could change, but that’s the law as of the end of the 2021 summer season. In fact, legislators already prohibited smoking weed in a car or at schools and workplaces.

If they do alter laws concerning public cannabis smoking, people could receive a $25 fine or a maximum of 20 hours of community services. Where landlords and vacation properties permit it, people can smoke it there or in private homes. On the other hand, people cannot use cannabis on federal land, including national parks and forests because federal law still prohibits it as of 2021.

Possession Limitations

Anyone 21 years of age and older can buy and hold up to three ounces of the flowering plant. They also can have no more than 24 grams of oils, tincture, edibles or vapes and other concentrated products. Adult users must obtain their supply from a licensed dispensary come time for the state to allow sales.

Selling Regulations

New state laws will govern where marijuana businesses can set up shop and where the plant will be processed. Licenses for marijuana vendors will become available sometime after March 1, 2022. However, sales might not commence until up to two years after that.

Whether prosecution would occur or not, vendors might begin selling before the official “legal” sales date starts. If they do, they might have criminal records expunged. However, this is not guaranteed. Most provisions pertain to past criminal convictions being wiped from records – possibly not new offenses, but time well tell.

Inspection Requirements

The FDA will keep close watches on all marijuana farms to ensure quality. They also will inspect grown plants upon harvest and final production before sending cannabis items out to dispensaries. Testing will include detection of any traces of illegal drugs, household chemicals or toxins and debris.

Is Weed Legal in New York?