Is Weed Legal in North Carolina?

United States legislators continue to push for more relaxed federal marijuana laws. However, the state of North Carolina still might not allow recreational marijuana.

Federal Decriminalization Proposal

On July 24, 2021, Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, Senator Cory Booker, and Senator Chuck Schumer drafted a discussion about decriminalizing marijuana. If The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act passes as law, it would result in less penalties for adult cannabis possession and use.

This act would prevent arrests, public housing denial or financial aid rejection because of marijuana. It will also take this plant off the “controlled substances” list that includes drugs like heroine or meth. The amount of marijuana misdemeanor allowed may depend on what the State of North Carolina would allow.

NC Medical Marijuana Usage

North Carolina still has strict laws concerning medical marijuana usage as of 2021. On August 5 of this year, The Cherokee Indians Eastern Band passed local legislation allowing one ounce per day. This would only apply to patients who have a qualifying condition, and they can have up to six ounces per month.

The primary target includes people living within the Qualla Boundary, but people who live outside this line can still purchase it. However, they do need a medical card to purchase it on tribal land in western North Carolina.

Qualifying Medical Conditions

According to the North Carolina Compassionate Care Act, qualifying medical conditions for receiving cannabis include as follows:

Nerve diseases including epilepsy PTSD Chronic muscle spasms Sickle cell anemia Glaucoma Cancer

Other conditions may also follow under the above categories. This information will present itself soon enough come time to legalize medical marijuana for all patients. Anxiety and other stress disorders and various blood diseases may be among the allowed conditions. Cannabis products for medical use might also replace opioid medicines that people would otherwise become chemically dependent on.

Medical Permit Duration

Physicians would receive training as to how to identify medical conditions they can treat with marijuana. The length of time a person takes to recover will influence how long they can receive medical cannabis. For instance, doctors might have to set medical cards to expire in less time if their condition will improve in less than a year.

NC Medical Marijuana Laws

Many issues concerning medical marijuana usage remain unresolved by the third quarter of 2021. However, plans to propose state budgets for it may take place, and 2022 elections may influence how North Carolina decides to vote.

If the state does permit medical marijuana other than on tribal land, patients can only obtain it during certain times of the day. Dispensaries also must not sell it right next to schools or churches and will receive a limit of 10 suppliers licenses for a maximum of four medical cannabis shops. The state of North Carolina will provide more details come time to decide on regulation terms.