Ohio State Capital: Columbus

Columbus is the most populous city and the capital of Ohio. The city is the 14th most populous city in the United States. It is also the county seat of Franklin County and extends to Fairfield and Delaware counties. Columbus is the central city of the Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area, which incorporates ten counties. Based on its population, the city is the biggest metropolitan area in Ohio.

Ohio was approved as a state in 1803. However, due to the political infighting witnessed in those early times of statehood, Ohio's capital shifted from Chillicothe to Zanesville, and this shifting became repetitive. Since this repetitive shifting of the capital was not sustainable, prominent political leaders in Ohio decided to settle in a permanent official location.  

Although many cities were considered, leaders decided to develop a new city in the state's center, close to main rivers and transportation routes. Thus, Columbus city was established on 14th February 1812 and named in Christopher Columbus's honor. After its establishment, the city witnessed rapid growth. There was massive construction of churches, schools, and government offices. The city started functioning as the capital of Ohio in 1816.

Based on its central position in the state, the city attracted various industries in the subsequent years. As a result, there was a massive establishment of factories, including farm machinery and tools, shoes, and cigars.

Besides factories, the city also enticed the attention of institutions of higher education. For instance, schools such as Capital University and Ohio State University were established. The emphasis on higher learning also facilitated the establishment of libraries and other institutions such as musical societies and art schools.

Why Columbus Rather Than Cleveland is the Ohio capital

Although Cleveland is more popular than Columbus today, it has never been considered to take over as Ohio Capital. This also applies to Cincinnati, which is positioned in the southwest corner of Ohio. Columbus is ideal as the preferred location of Ohio’s government for several reasons. The city's location is in the center; therefore, it’s also accessible from many parts of the state. Traditionally, the city has remained the center of high learning and industry. The city maintains this reputation to date.

Unlike other capitals in the United States, the city is the most populous among other cities in the state. Furthermore, Columbus is a city rich in history, diversity, culture, and social activities.

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Ohio State Capital: Columbus