Is Weed Legal in Oregon?

Oregon became one of the first states to allow medical marijuana in 1998. It first started to allow adults to use recreational weed in 2014.

Recreational Use Terms

Adults 21 years of age and older can purchase one ounce of cannabis flower daily. Otherwise, they can buy up to 16 ounces of a solid or 72 ounces of a liquid product made with marijuana. Maximum smoke, vape or concentrates totals 5 grams, and they can have 10 seeds and four immature plants.

They can only have about one ounce of the marijuana plant on them, however, when not at home. Other restrictions apply to other cannabis forms, including no smoking or selling in public.

THC Concentration Limits

Oregon has quite a bit of experience regulating recreational marijuana already. In 2021, they reported as allowing 50 milligrams of THC in edibles, 6 percent in topical solutions, and one gram in tinctures. Taking capsules allows for the most THC at 100 milligrams. Additional limits include no more than 1 gram for extracts and other non-edible items.

Recreational Taxation

Adults using marijuana in Oregon must pay a 17-percent sales tax, and some locations add on an additional 3 percent. The revenue funds schools, mental health and drug addiction facilities, and law enforcement. Some portions of the tax funds also goes to the Oregon Health Authority and cities or counties.

Selling Guidelines

Only dealers that have applied for and have obtained appropriate approval by the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission can sell cannabis. Retailers will have to apply for a recreational marijuana license.

The other option is to sell medical marijuana after seeking certification from the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Anyone who wants to sell cannabis for recreational use must undergo a criminal background check.

Medical Marijuana Regulations

Some minors might receive medical marijuana for epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer, severe nausea, HIV, etc. The state provides a complete guide for medicinal marijuana usage, and a designated caregiver would purchase and administer the cannabis to child patients.

In the case of marijuana for medicinal use, patients or caregivers might be allowed to have up to 12 immature plants. This requires authorization that comes with obtaining a medical marijuana card.

In this case, a certified medical doctor would probably recommend it. However, naturopaths, chiropractors or nurse practitioners do not qualify as attending physicians according to Oregon law. Patients, physicians and caregivers must adhere to state guidelines regarding this matter.

Is Weed Legal in Oregon?