National Parks in Pennsylvania

Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site

Location: Gallitzin, PA

The first railroad to circumvent the Allegheny Mountains, the Allegheny Portage Railroad was the finishing piece of the Pennsylvania Main Line Canal. "The Portage" opened in 1834, marking the first time that there was one, direct route between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. All things to all people, it served merchants, passengers, slaves in pursuit of freedom, and soldiers from the Mexican War.

Fees: Admission is free to visit Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site as well as all five Western Pennsylvania National Parks.

Hours Info: January 1, 2022- March 31, 2022: The Summit Level Visitor Center, Engine House 6 Exhibit Shelter, and the Lemon House are open from 9 AM- 5 PM Fridays through Tuesdays. Park buildings are closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Beginning April 1, 2022: Park buildings will be open daily from 9 AM- 5 PM. Park buildings are operating at 25% capacity. Weather permitting, park grounds and trails are open daily from sunrise to sunset. Times listed in "Standard Hours" will reflect building operations.

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Appalachian National Scenic Trail

Location: Maine to Georgia, CT,GA,MA,MD,ME,NC,NH,NJ,NY,PA,TN,VA,VT,WV

The Appalachian Trail is a 2,180+ mile long public footpath that traverses the scenic, wooded, pastoral, wild, and culturally resonant lands of the Appalachian Mountains. Conceived in 1921, built by private citizens, and completed in 1937, today the trail is managed by the National Park Service, US Forest Service, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, numerous state agencies and thousands of volunteers.

Fees: The Appalachian National Scenic Trail (NST) does not charge an entrance fee for use of the trail on Appalachian NST land.

Hours Info: In general, the Appalachian Trail is open year-round. The northern terminus at Mount Katahdin in Maine is within Baxter State Park, which may be closed in winter months, depending on weather conditions. Particular sections of the Trail, and less-developed roads accessing the Trail, may be closed temporarily for a number of reasons, but otherwise the trail is open.

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Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail

Location: Various States VA,MD,DE,DC,PA,NY

People first arrived in the Chesapeake Bay during the last ice age. As glaciers melted, diverse societies learned to thrive in a world of water. When Englishman Captain John Smith explored the Bay in 1608, he documented hundreds of American Indian communities. Today, sites on his map are archeological treasures and sacred sites for tribal citizens. Come join us on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay!

Fees: There is no fee to use the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail. Some of the visitor centers, state parks, museums, wildlife refuges, and other sites along the trail may charge entrance fees.

Hours Info: The water trail is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! To launch your kayak or other vessel on the trail, access a local boat launch along one of the trail's many tributary rivers and coastlines. Local boat launches, state parks, and other locations may have specific operating hours and seasons. Always check weather and conditions before going out on the water - take care during the winter months to dress appropriately for the weather and the possibility of submersion in cold water.

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Chesapeake Bay

Location: Chesapeake Bay Watershed, DC,DE,MD,NY,PA,VA,WV

NPS helps you learn about and enjoy the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in North America. Here, you can visit major league cities, colonial towns, American Indian landscapes, farms and fishing villages. You can learn to kayak, pick crabs, go fishing, tour a lighthouse, slurp oysters, and slow down to enjoy the natural beauty of the Chesapeake.

Fees: There is no fee to visit the Chesapeake Bay Office. Some of the state parks, museums, wildlife refuges and other sites throughout the Chesapeake watershed may charge entrance fees. Visit to find complete information about each partner site.

Hours Info: Core hours at the Chesapeake Bay Office are from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday and the office is closed on federal holidays. Quite frequently, the office is open for business at least one hour earlier and one hour later than core hours.

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Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Location: HQ in Bushkill PA; the park is along the Delaware River in the states of NJ,PA

Do you need to get back to nature for a little while? We are here for you. This sacred land has been cherished by people for over 10,000 years. Its fields and forests a bounty to those that have come before us, and a national treasure for us, today. With waterfalls, over 100 miles of hiking trails, and three swim beaches that allow grilling, there's lots of ways to #FindYourPark #EcuentraTuParque

Fees: The Park does does not charge an entrance fee but does have expanded amenity fees.

Hours Info: Most of the park is open 24-hours a day. Most day-use areas within the park are open sunrise to sunset (such as trailhead parking lots, Millbrook Village, and all picnic areas).

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Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Described as horrifying, mystifying, and brilliant, Poe’s writing has engaged readers all over the globe. The six years Edgar Allan Poe lived in Philadelphia were his happiest and most productive. Yet Poe also struggled with bad luck, personal demons and his wife’s illness. In Poe’s humble home, reflect on the human spirit surmounting crushing obstacles, and celebrate Poe’s astonishing creativity.

Fees: Admission is FREE.

Hours Info: The site is currently closed due to COVID 19. It is typically open Friday through Sunday, from 9am to 12noon, and 1pm to 5pm. The site closes from 12noon to 1pm for lunch.

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Eisenhower National Historic Site

Location: Gettysburg, PA

Eisenhower National Historic Site preserves the farm of General and 34th President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Adjacent to the Gettysburg battlefield, the farm served the president and first lady as a weekend retreat and as a meeting place for world leaders. With its peaceful setting and view of South Mountain, it was a respite from Washington, DC, and a backdrop for efforts to reduce Cold War tensions.

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First State National Historical Park

Location: DE,PA

Famous as the First State to ratify the Constitution, Delaware was born out of a conflict among three world powers for dominance of the Delaware Valley. From this beginning, the region developed a distinct character that tolerated diversity in religion and national origin and valued independence.

Fees: There are no fees to visit First State National Historical Park. Some partner sites may charge a small fee for special programs.

Hours Info: The Brandywine Valley is open sunrise to sunset and is free to access.

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Flight 93 National Memorial

Location: Shanksville, PA

On Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, the U.S. came under attack when four commercial airliners were hijacked and used to strike targets on the ground. Nearly 3,000 people tragically lost their lives. Because of the actions of the 40 passengers and crew aboard one of the planes, Flight 93, the attack on the U.S. Capitol was thwarted.

Fees: No entrance fee

Hours Info: Park grounds and trails are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from sunrise to sunset. Harsh winter weather may result in delayed openings and closures. Occasionally, the gates may be closed, prohibiting entrance to the grounds, when adverse weather occurs or is predicted, to allow road crews to work safely to clear all roads within the national memorial. Call 814-893-6585 for weather-related updates.

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Fort Necessity National Battlefield

Location: Farmington, PA

The battle at Fort Necessity in the summer of 1754 was the opening action of the French and Indian War. This war was a clash of British, French and American Indian cultures. It ended with the removal of French power from North America. The stage was set for the American Revolution.

Fees: Entrance to the park is free, including all facilities and public programs. America the Beautiful - National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Passes are NOT available at Fort Necessity.

Hours Info: Entrance to Fort Necessity National Battlefield is allowed from sunrise until sunset. The park visitor center and Mount Washington Tavern museum have specific hours. Please see the listing for each facility.

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Friendship Hill National Historic Site

Location: Point Marion, PA

Albert Gallatin is best remembered for his thirteen year tenure as Secretary of the Treasury during the Jefferson and Madison administrations. In that time he reduced the national debt, purchased the Louisiana Territory and funded the Lewis & Clark exploration. Gallatin's accomplishments and contributions are highlighted at Friendship Hill, his restored country estate.

Fees: There is no entrance fee at Friendship Hill National Historic Site. Activities that require a permit may have a fee.

Hours Info: The Park Grounds and Trails are open daily from sunrise to sunset, all year. Please note: While the park is open Sunrise to Sunset - the Gallatin House Visitor Center may be closed.

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Gettysburg National Military Park

Location: Gettysburg, PA

The Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the Civil War, the Union victory that ended General Robert E. Lee's second and most ambitious invasion of the North. Often referred to as the "High Water Mark of the Rebellion", Gettysburg was the Civil War's bloodiest battle and was also the inspiration for President Abraham Lincoln's immortal "Gettysburg Address".

Fees: Entrance to the park is FREE.

Hours Info: The battlefield and roads are open thirty minutes before sunrise to thirty minutes after sunset. Visitors can plan their visit and obtain a listing of sunrise and sunset times by day in Gettysburg, PA at:

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Gloria Dei Church National Historic Site

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Before Pennsylvania there was New Sweden. Discover this last historic link to a forgotten past. Visit the church's pastoral surroundings and its burial ground of patriots and ordinary citizens alike.

Fees: There is no fee to enter the site, and reservations are not required. However, you may wish to confirm visiting hours prior to your arrival by contacting the rector at 215-389-1513.

Hours Info: Gloria Dei is an active religious congregation, and home to the parish minister. The church building is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9am to 4pm. Services are held on Sundays at 10am. The churchyard and grounds are open daily from sunup to sundown.

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Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site

Location: Elverson, PA

Hopewell Furnace showcases an early American landscape of industrial operations from 1771-1883, Hopewell and other "iron plantations" laid the foundation for the transformation of the United States into an industrial giant for the time. The park's 848 acres and historic structures illustrate the business, technology and lifestyle of our growing nation.

Fees: There are no entrance fees for persons or vehicles the entering park.

Hours Info: Now: The park is open Wednesday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Park is open on Federal Holidays with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day and Washington's Birthday.

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Independence National Historical Park

Location: Philadelphia, PA

The park represents the founding ideals of the nation, and preserves national and international symbols of freedom and democracy, including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were both debated and signed inside Independence Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fees: Entrance to the Liberty Bell Center and most other park sites is free. No tickets are required in January and February except January 1, 15-17, and February 19-21. Entrance to Independence Hall is by timed, ticketed tour only from March through December. There is a $1.00 per ticket service fee. The Benjamin Franklin Museum charges an interpretive fee.

Hours Info: Independence National Historical Park operates daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Hours of operation for certain historical buildings and facilities change seasonally throughout the year. Most of the park grounds are open 24 hours a day to pedestrians. All buildings are closed on Christmas Day. Please see the park's website for hours of operation.

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Johnstown Flood National Memorial

Location: South Fork, PA

The South Fork dam failed on Friday, May 31, 1889 and unleashed 20,000,000 tons of water that devastated Johnstown, PA. The flood killed 2,209 people but it brought the nation and the world together to aid the "Johnstown sufferers." The story of the Johnstown Flood reminds us all, "...that we must leave nothing undone for the preservation and protection of our brother men."

Fees: Admission is free to visit the Johnstown Flood National Memorial, as well as all five Western Pennsylvania National Parks.

Hours Info: January 1, 2022- March 31, 2022: The Visitor Center is open from 9 AM- 5 PM Fridays through Tuesdays. It is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. April 1, 2022: The Visitor Center will be open daily from 9 AM- 5 PM. The Visitor Center and theater are operating at 25% capacity. The Visitor Center is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. Park grounds are trails are open daily from sunrise to sunset. "Standard Hours" reflects the hours of operation for the Visitor Center.

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Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail

Location: Sixteen States: IA,ID,IL,IN,KS,KY,MO,MT,NE,ND,OH,OR,PA,SD,WA,WV

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail is approximately 4,900 miles long, extending from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the mouth of the Columbia River, near present day Astoria, Oregon. It follows the historic outbound and inbound routes of the Lewis and Clark Expedition as well as the preparatory section from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Wood River, Illinois.

Fees: Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Headquarters Visitor Center in Omaha, NE does not charge an entrance fee, but some of our park partners do. Be sure to check with each visitor and interpretative center to find out their fees.

Hours Info: Lewis and Clark NHT visitor center in Omaha, Neb is open.

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Lower Delaware National Wild And Scenic River

Location: PA,NJ

The largest free-flowing river in the eastern United States, the Delaware River runs past forests, farmlands, and villages, and it also links some of the most densely populated regions in America. In 2000, the National Wild and Scenic River System incorporated key segments of the lower Delaware River to form this unit of the National Park System.

Fees: There are no fees associated with the Lower Delaware National Wild & Scenic River. However, there are private organizations operating near the river that may charge for their services.

Hours Info: The largest free-flowing river in the eastern United States, the Delaware River runs past forests, farmlands, and villages, and it also links some of the most densely populated regions in America. In 2000, the National Wild and Scenic River System incorporated key segments of the lower Delaware River to form this unit of the National Park System.

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North Country National Scenic Trail

Location: Eight States - Vermont to North Dakota MI,MN,ND,NY,OH,PA,VT,WI

Come to the North Country. Trek the hills and valleys. Stand on the shores of lakes & streams from glaciers 10,000 years before. Clear-flowing water, red/gold of autumn, a fairyland of snow, open prairies, and distant horizons paint the land. Historic sites along the way tell how America settled and grew as a nation. From North Dakota to Vermont, adventure is never far away.

Fees: No fees are charged for hiking on the trail but fees may be required for parking, camping, or entrance at various sections along the trail.

Hours Info: The North Country Trail is generally open at all times and during all seasons. There may be area or seasonal closures at the discretion of the local land owner or manager. Please contact local managers or the North Country Trail Association at (616) 897-5987 x1 for the latest trail closures.

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Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail

Location: the corridor between the Chesapeake Bay and the Allegheny Highlands, DC,MD,PA,VA

Over thousands of years, the Potomac River wound its way through layers of rock. Carving limestone cliffs, roaring falls, and serene winding bends, these waters created a landscape and shaped a nation. Today, the Potomac River corridor is rich in both history and recreation. Offering a chance to both explore your heritage and choose your adventure along the way. Start your journey below!

Fees: 0

Hours Info: 0

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Steamtown National Historic Site

Location: Scranton, PA

You'd feel heat from the firebox, smell hot steam and oil; you'd hear the whistle, feel the ground vibrate, and watch as one-ton drive rods turned steel wheels. Remember the sound of "chuff-chuff" from the smokestack? Today, you can learn the history of steam railroad transportation, and the people who built, repaired and rode, as we work to preserve a special era in America's industrial history!

Fees: That's right, our Visitor Center, Museum, and grounds are free to enter; no pass required! When in operation, fees do apply to our train rides and excursions; this information can be found at

Hours Info: The park is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. which includes outdoor exhibit areas and parking lot. During severe weather events, the hours of operation may be impacted. For updated information, please call (570) 340-5200 or (888) 693-9391. Please plan accordingly. The connecting walkway to the "Marketplace at Steamtown" is not the property of the National Park Service.

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Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Visit the house where wounded Polish freedom fighter Thaddeus Kosciuszko lived and hear how this brilliant military engineer designed successful fortifications during the American Revolution. See the room where he received notable visitors such as Chief Little Turtle and Thomas Jefferson.

Fees: Admission is free.

Hours Info: The site is currently closed due to COVID 19. It is typically open from April through October, Saturday - Sunday only, from noon to 4pm. It is usually closed from November through March.

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Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River

Location: Pike and Wayne (PA) and Delaware, Orange and Sullivan (NY) counties along the Delaware River, NY,PA

Canoe through rapids and quiet pools as the Delaware River winds its way through a valley of swiftly changing scenery or fish amid rolling hills and riverfront villages in one of the finest fishing rivers in the northeastern United States. The clean water of the Delaware, the last major undammed river in the eastern United States, supports a healthy ecosystem and offers tranquility and excitement.

Fees: There are no fees associated with Upper Delaware S&RR.

Hours Info: Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River is open year round. Limited river access may occur during winter months due to ice and snow build up on the public access. River information may be obtained by calling the park's River Hotline at 845-252-7100.

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Valley Forge National Historical Park

Location: Valley Forge, PA

Valley Forge is the encampment site of the Continental Army during the winter of 1777-1778. The park features 3,500 acres of monuments, meadows, and woodlands commemorating the sacrifices and perseverance of the Revolutionary War generation and honoring the power of people to pull together and overcome adversity during extraordinary times.

Fees: Entrance to Valley Forge is free.

Hours Info: The park grounds including roads, trails, and monuments are open from 7:00 AM to Dark (30 minutes after sunset) year round. Park grounds remain open on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.

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Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail


In 1781, General Rochambeau’s French Army joined forces with General Washington’s Continental Army to fight the British Army in Yorktown, Virginia. With the French Navy in support, the allied armies moved hundreds of miles to become the largest troop movement of the American Revolution. The effort and cooperation between the two sides led to a victory at Yorktown and secured American independence.

Fees: There is no fee to explore the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail, but fees may apply for sites and attractions along the trail. Visitors should contact sites individually for further information.

Hours Info: The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route NHT can be travelled year-round. The NHT connects national, state, and local parks as well a great number of historic sites and landmarks. Visitors should contact sites or attractions individually as operating hours vary widely by site and season.

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