Is Weed Legal in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island first legalized medical marijuana in 2006. It’s the 11th state to pass this legislation, which officially occurred the prior year. They’re still working on legalizing recreational weed, however.

Legislation Progress

On June 22, 2021, the Rhode Island Senate approved adult use of marijuana for recreation. However, the House of Representatives still had issues to resolve. The state most likely will not decide before 2022.

If this proposal passes in Congress, it would allow persons 21 and to possess small amounts of pot (probably about 2 ounces) without penalty. You will have to watch for more state updates to find out the specific amount allowed if the state does begin to allow recreational marijuana usage.

Current Medicinal Standards

Authorized purchasers and caregivers or patients can obtain up to 2.5 ounces of medical cannabis. They can obtain this within 15 days, but they must acquire the proper license before buying the weed. Moreover, only certified doctors who have the proper training in marijuana treatment recommendations.

Quality Inspections

Before offering cannabis products for medical treatments, dispensaries must comply to all inspections. The local health department will watch out for any toxins in harvested plants and all cannabis products ready to sell.

The weed must not have any household chemicals, heavy metals or debris in it, for instance. Producers would have to drive all medicinal products from plants in as natural of a form as possible.

Qualifying Treatment Conditions

The state recognizes seizures, severe nausea, wasting syndrome and cachexia, and autism as qualifying treatment conditions. Multiple sclerosis or Crohn’s disease, and chronic pain or Alzheimer’s are some more. Other conditions may apply as described in Rhode Island documentation.

A physician who diagnoses qualifying treatment conditions in people would also provide written authorization for medical marijuana. Patients might have to meet certain criteria, such as perhaps showing no sign of drug addiction. On the other hand, federal laws might also change.

Proposed Federal Law Changes

The U.S. Federal Government also may make changes conserving medical marijuana. For instance, they might remove cannabis from the list of “Schedule 1 Controlled Substances.” Marijuana may no longer be treated the same as heroine, LSD, meth or other “hard drugs.” This might at some point also influence Rhode Island laws.

As it is already, the state now treats marijuana possession as a misdemeanor not felony. Until proposed legalization, which could happen sometime in 2022. As of 2021, people caught with 1 ounce or less might just end up with a fine of up to $150 for a first offense rather than having to spend time in jail.

Is Weed Legal in Rhode Island?