Does it Snow in South Carolina?

Does it ever actually snow in South Carolina? People might be surprised to hear that South Carolina receives snow from time to time. Even though it doesn't snow very often, it is possible to see snow in South Carolina. When it snows in South Carolina, it is usually only an inch or two; however, this is all it takes to have a severe impact on the state.

On average, South Carolina receives less than one snow day per year. Residents in South Carolina should expect to see snow approximately one day every two years; however, the frequency of snowfall can vary depending on the location in the state.

What Are Winters Like in South Carolina?

During the winter, it is relatively mild in South Carolina. The temperatures tend to fluctuate from the 50s to the 60s; however, it can drop into the 30s at night. It is unusual for the temperature to get colder than this.

Because it is relatively warm during the day, it is unusual for snow to stick to the ground. Even if snow begins to fall, it tends to melt as soon as it hits the pavement. Therefore, it is difficult for snow to accumulate in South Carolina.

Does South Carolina Have Snow Days?

Yes, South Carolina can have snow days from time to time. Because the state does not receive a lot of snow, even the threat of snow can be enough for schools and businesses to close. If there is snow on the ground, everyone has to drive carefully. Even though some people might be confident driving in the snow, most people in the area are not used to it. As a result, there is a lower threshold for a snow day in South Carolina when compared to other states in the country.

Avg. Annual Snow
1.5 in.
Avg. Annual Days With Snow
1-Day Snowfall Record
21 in.
Snowfall Record Date
February 09, 1973

Does it Snow in South Carolina?