Tennessee State Capital: Nashville

Tennessee is a state in the mid-south that is located on the boundary of Arkansas and Kentucky. Nashville is the capital of the state. Tennessee is known for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which ambles around and into North Carolina to the East and Arkansas to the West, both of which boast equally beautiful foliage and vistas.

Nashville is known as the capital of Tennessee because of its location and river access. It is also known as a major railroad center. Tennessee needed Nashville as an export and import location and transportation center. That, coupled with its history of country music where such greats as Hank Williams and Loretta Lynn made country music history, is why it is awarded this honor.

History of Nashville

Nashville is also known as the first state to become incorporated as a city. It was named the county seat of Davidson County and in 1843, it was named the permanent capital of Tennessee.

Th## en and Now

The history of Nashville is steeped in richness, from the beauty of the area to the symbol of progress that it has become. But people today still flock to Nashville in droves every year to take in a show at the legendary "Grand 'Ole Opry" and other venues, just to catch a glimpse of one of their favorite musicians. There are plenty of other activities if country music is not your thing, including visiting the homes of famous Patriots and taking a tour through the downtown area which stands today as a symbol of the American Industrial Revolution!

Little Known Facts

As if these facts are not enough, Nashville is also close to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which boasts the title of the Energy Capital of the World. Why? For its work on the atomic bomb! That's right. The city still continues to look into things that it can do to continue the energy focus so that the US can be an energy-independent nation.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons Nashville was awarded the honor of being the capital of the great state of Tennessee. Now you see why people continue to return to the city by the thousands, to see and feel the rich American culture through the sights and sounds of yesteryear and the beauty of nature, time and time again.

If you are planning a trip to the mid-south soon, why not visit Nashville, Tennessee? There's plenty to do and a lot to see and it's all waiting for you to discover it."

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Tennessee State Capital: Nashville