What is Vermont Known For?

What Do People Love About Vermont?

There are plenty of people who absolutely love visiting Vermont. One of the great parts of visiting Vermont is the natural beauty. Vermont is unlike any place else in the country. There are people who drive for hundreds of miles to gaze at the rolling hills, beautiful trees, and amazing mountains. Furthermore, this part of the country is particularly popular during the fall. That is because people enjoy watching the leaves change colors. When the green leaves turn red, yellow, and orange, it is unlike anything else that you have ever seen. The natural scenery of Vermont really sets it apart from other locations.

Is Vermont Known for Maple Syrup?

Of course, when people think about Vermont, they also immediately think about maple syrup. Even though it is true that maple syrup is something associated mostly with Canada, it is also closely associated with Vermont. If you are looking for the most delicious maple syrup on this side of the border, you can find it in Vermont. There are plenty of mom-and-pop shops that produce delicious maple syrup, and you may want to take a tour of some of the locations if you want to learn more about the process. If you are lucky, you might even walk away with a few samples. Do not forget to try some on your breakfast before you leave. You may even want to take a few bottles of maple syrup home with you.

Does Vermont Have a Lot of History?

People who come to Vermont also enjoy learning about its history. Vermont is one of the original 13 colonies. This means that it played an integral role in the American Revolution. For example, many people who are familiar with Vermont enjoy checking out the Bennington Battle Monument. This is an obelisk that stands 300 ft tall. It serves to commemorate those who fought and died at the Battle of Bennington, which took place during the American Revolutionary War. It is the tallest structure in Vermont, and it is the most popular historical site. If you decide to climb to the top of the monument, you will have an amazing view of the surrounding area. You can also learn more about how the New England militia was able to defeat the British army, one of the most powerful ones in the world at the time.

Can You Learn Glasswork in Vermont?

Vermont is also a great place for people who love to do arts and crafts. In particular, Vermont is known for its glassblowing opportunities. If you are interested in checking out a demo, you may want to swing by some of the factories in the area. You might even be able to try it for yourself. Of course, safety has to come first, but that is why you want to be supervised by somebody else. You might even be able to take home a few of the works of art that you make yourself.

What is Vermont Known For?