What is Washington Known For?

Known for rocking the music world to world-famous brands or as a shining city in the Pacific Northwest, there are more than a few answers to the question what is Washington known for? Those are also only a few answers to the question and only a part of the magic and beauty of Washington.

From the top of Mount Rainier to the rich agricultural grounds below, Washington offers much to explore. Here is a look at what Washington is known for and what makes it a state unlike any other.


There are many lists regarding things to see, what states are known for, or state attractions. For the state of Washington, the city of Seattle tops most of those lists (and ours), and for good reason too.

A travel hub, with a bustling and thriving population of 4 million, and the heartbeat of the state, Seattle is the jewel of Washington. It is also no surprise that it is one of the most recognized cities in the world too.

President George Washington

The father of the country and 1st President of the United States, George Washington, is honored by the state's name. Certainly, the success, growth, and recognition earned by the state have done President Washington proud.

The Seattle Sound

The music genre Grunge was born in Seattle, and during the rise of Grunge in the early 90s, the Seattle sound took over the music world. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and many others from the Seattle area gave birth to a new era of music. The Grunge music genre is also widely recognized everywhere as one of the things that Washington is known for.

Coffee in Washington Isn't the Same

Since the don of the greatest coffee giant the world has ever seen, Starbucks, coffee in Washington has never been the same. In fact, today, coffee everywhere in the world will never be the same as a result of Starbucks' influence.

Following Starbucks' introduction of its coffee brand to the world, coffee shops and brands from around the globe have tried to emulate this coffee icon. Starbucks, however, isn't the only brand of worldwide acclaim to call Washington home.

Home of Famous Corporations

Washington thrives as a center and city of business. From agricultural to technology, the state of Washington leads by example. Another fun fact and something Washington is known for is being home to corporations like Microsoft, Costco, and Amazon, to name a few.

Sights and Attractions

There are also more than a few sights and attractions that Washington is known for, namely Mount Rainier and the Space Needle. Mount Rainier summits at over 14,000 feet, in addition to having volcanic activity.

The Space Needle is not only an architectural wonder, but it is also the defining symbol and silhouette of Seattle's skyline. And if you are counting, it is also one more thing Washington is known for. Welcome to Washington.

What is Washington Known For?