Is Weed Legal in Wisconsin?

To date, recreational use of weed is illegal in Wisconsin. Any possession of this substance, regardless of amount, is punishable by at least a misdemeanor. The second offense for possessing weed in Wisconsin is a felony. Although recreational use of marijuana is illegal in the state, there is minimal approval for the medicinal use of cannabis products. Despite having laws making the use of recreational marijuana illegal, Wisconsin is one of the leading hemp producers in the country.

Is Medical Marijuana Usage Legal in Wisconsin?

In 2014, Wisconsin legalized the use of limited cannabis products to treat seizure disorders. Only CBD oil was legalized for the treatment of epilepsy. Although officially legalized in 2014, regulations and state laws made it difficult to get a prescription for CBD and complicated for patients to obtain the medication. Many doctors refused to issue a prescription for patients who have epilepsy because of the murky and unsure legal jurisdiction surrounding the use and sale of CBD oil in the state.

Later, in 2017, the Wisconsin Senate passed a bill that loosened restrictions, overwhelmingly, with a vote of 31-1. The bill now allowed people to possess CBD oil and allowed doctors more leeway in prescribing the medication for medical conditions. Eventually, the bill was passed by the Wisconsin Assembly by a vote of 98-0.

Does Wisconsin Have Industrial Hemp?

Beginning in 1917, Wisconsin produced the most amount of industrial hemp to be used for various industrial purposes such as cloth and rope. Nearly 7,000 acres of farmland were dedicated to growing hemp as a sustainable crop. Following prohibition in the 1940s, hemp was criminalized, and production halted. Recent resolution in 2017 has once again legalized industrial hemp in the state, and production has ramped up in years prior. Restrictions applied to industrial hemp mandate that grown crops must have less than 3% THC concentration.

Is Weed Decriminalized in Certain Areas?

Although state-wide recreational use of marijuana is still illegal, many individual regions and cities have implemented decriminalization efforts to reduce fines, penalties, and arrests for people posing the drug. The first effort began in Madison in 1977 when the city voted unanimously to decriminalize the possession of fewer than four ounces of marijuana for personal use in a private residence.

Soon after, many other cities followed suit, minimizing the penalties associated with possession of marijuana. Current cities that have decriminalized possession include Milwaukee, Eu Claire, and Dane County. Further, Menominee Indian Reservation located in Wisconsin has voted to legalize cannibals use throughout the Reservation. The Indian Reservation is situated so that local Wisconsin state law has no jurisdiction over the regulations surrounding the sovereign Reservation.

Is Weed Legal in Wisconsin?