National Parks in Wisconsin

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Location: Lake Superior, WI

Imagine that moment, being in that perfect spot as the sun rises, and everything comes into focus. A rocky shoreline suddenly reflects the world around you. Waiting for you among the water, land, forests, and history is that moment. How will the islands inspire you?

Fees: There are no entrance fees for the lakeshore, however, there are various user fees. Check the website for more information.

Hours Info: All of the water and land within the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is open daily, 365 days a year. From time-to-time there may be area closures for different reasons. Check the website for most current information.

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Ice Age National Scenic Trail

Location: Madison, WI

A mere 15,000 years ago during the Ice Age, much of North America lay under a huge glacier. Mammoths, saber tooth cats and cave lions roamed the earth! Some of the best evidence of this glacier is found in Wisconsin such as the state’s many lakes, river valleys, gently rolling hills, and ridges. The nearly 1,200 mile Ice Age National Scenic Trail, established in 1980, traces the glacier's edge.

Fees: The NPS does not charge a fee to enjoy the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Some public lands such as state and county parks located along the Trail may charge entrance fees. Camping registration, permits, and fees may also be needed. Before your visit you should check with the local land manager regarding possible fees and registration requirements.

Hours Info: The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is not your 'typical' park. The trail is almost 1,200 miles long and crosses the state of Wisconsin north to south and east to west. The Trail is open year round. However some segments may be closed during Wisconsin's November 9-day gun deer hunting season. Additional information about hunting seasons, trail conditions and closures along the rest of the trail is available from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Ice Age Trail Alliance.

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North Country National Scenic Trail

Location: Eight States - Vermont to North Dakota MI,MN,ND,NY,OH,PA,VT,WI

Come to the North Country. Trek the hills and valleys. Stand on the shores of lakes & streams from glaciers 10,000 years before. Clear-flowing water, red/gold of autumn, a fairyland of snow, open prairies, and distant horizons paint the land. Historic sites along the way tell how America settled and grew as a nation. From North Dakota to Vermont, adventure is never far away.

Fees: No fees are charged for hiking on the trail but fees may be required for parking, camping, or entrance at various sections along the trail.

Hours Info: The North Country Trail is generally open at all times and during all seasons. There may be area or seasonal closures at the discretion of the local land owner or manager. Please contact local managers or the North Country Trail Association at (616) 897-5987 x1 for the latest trail closures.

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Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway

Location: Saint Croix Falls, WI,MN

Grab your paddle and your longing for adventure and head to the St. Croix and Namekagon rivers! Together they form the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, offering over 200 miles of clean water that glides and rushes through a forested landscape. Paddle, boat, fish, and camp among this wild and scenic beauty. Hiking and historic towns also beckon.

Fees: Free entrance to national park visitor centers. Free entrance to national park facilities and lands. There may be charges to enter state, county, and private lands within the boundaries of the Riverway.

Hours Info: The St. Croix and Namekagon rivers are open all-day, year-round except for periods of dangerous water conditions. Access to landings and trails is seasonal.

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National Parks in Wisconsin