Population of Counties in Kentucky (2020)

In 2019, the most populous county located in the state of Kentucky is Jefferson County, home to the city of Louisville, which has a population that’s grown to 770,517 since the last census was taken in 2010. Jefferson County has experienced a growth rate of 3.84%. Other large counties in state of Kentucky include Fayette County (323,780) with the city of Lexington, Kenton County (166,051) with the city of Covington and part of the Cincinnati metro area, Boone County (131,533), Warren County (131,264), Hardin County (110,356), and Daviess County (101,104). Of these counties, Warren County had the most rapid growth of 14.82%.

Kentucky Counties with the Fewest Residents

The county with the lowest population in the state of Kentucky is Robertson County, which has a population of 2,315. Since the last census in 2010, Robertson County has had a growth rate of -6.15%. Following Robertson County, other very small counties in Kentucky are Hickman County (4,421), Owsley County (4,472), and Carlisle County (4,771). All of these counties have experienced a decline in population, the greatest of which occurred in Hickman County with a growth rate of -9.01%.

Kentucky Counties with Rapid Growth

The county with the most rapid growth in Kentucky is Scott County, which has seen a population growth of 18.51% since the 2010 census, bringing the population up to 56,051 in 2019. Following Scott County are Warren County (14.82%), Shelby County (14.79%), and Jessamine County (10.75%). Martin County has the highest population decrease with a loss of 12.31% of its residents.

Name 2020 Population Growth Since 2010
Jefferson County770,5173.84%
Fayette County323,7809.07%
Kenton County166,0513.81%
Boone County131,53310.18%
Warren County131,26414.82%
Hardin County110,3563.18%
Daviess County101,1044.55%
Campbell County93,1522.80%
Madison County92,36810.66%
Bullitt County81,0698.82%
Christian County71,671-3.31%
Oldham County66,4709.99%
McCracken County65,346-0.30%
Pulaski County64,6232.27%
Laurel County60,6692.84%
Pike County58,402-10.25%
Scott County56,03118.51%
Jessamine County53,92010.75%
Franklin County50,8153.14%
Shelby County48,51814.79%
Boyd County47,240-4.77%
Nelson County45,8515.09%
Henderson County45,591-1.45%
Hopkins County45,068-3.78%
Barren County44,1764.87%
Calloway County39,1354.79%
Graves County37,3170.21%
Clark County36,2491.81%
Whitley County36,2421.47%
Floyd County35,845-10.23%
Greenup County35,268-4.37%
Knox County31,304-1.72%
Marshall County31,191-0.83%
Muhlenberg County30,774-2.79%
Boyle County30,1005.00%
Meade County28,7150.00%
Montgomery County28,2036.22%
Carter County27,004-2.68%
Logan County26,9890.51%
Bell County26,569-7.45%
Woodford County26,5335.99%
Harlan County26,409-9.62%
Grayson County26,3212.06%
Perry County26,092-8.96%
Taylor County25,5493.59%
Grant County25,1211.79%
Lincoln County24,644-0.31%
Rowan County24,5835.17%
Ohio County24,0871.06%
Anderson County22,6635.62%
Johnson County22,386-4.27%
Letcher County21,899-10.74%
Mercer County21,7742.16%
Allen County21,1225.36%
Wayne County20,468-1.82%
Breckinridge County20,3881.73%
Bourbon County20,1841.09%
Clay County20,105-7.18%
Marion County19,404-2.15%
Adair County19,2152.42%
Hart County18,9063.97%
Spencer County18,7949.77%
Harrison County18,778-0.13%
Simpson County18,5296.86%
Russell County17,8211.41%
Garrard County17,5603.65%
McCreary County17,408-5.02%
Mason County17,150-2.03%
Rockcastle County16,750-1.94%
Henry County16,1064.74%
Casey County15,888-0.59%
Lawrence County15,571-1.86%
Knott County15,126-7.56%
Trigg County14,6432.23%
Pendleton County14,529-2.59%
Union County14,505-5.06%
Fleming County14,4320.22%
Larue County14,3070.92%
Estill County14,198-3.50%
Jackson County13,442-0.28%
Morgan County13,345-2.80%
Lewis County13,257-4.18%
Webster County13,111-3.45%
Butler County12,7720.30%
Breathitt County12,726-8.16%
Caldwell County12,715-2.27%
Powell County12,442-1.60%
Bath County12,3836.60%
Magoffin County12,362-7.11%
Todd County12,311-0.97%
Edmonson County12,2740.38%
Washington County12,0843.29%
Martin County11,323-12.31%
Green County11,049-1.76%
Owen County10,8800.28%
Carroll County10,737-0.64%
Monroe County10,718-2.30%
Clinton County10,206-0.37%
Leslie County10,143-10.06%
Metcalfe County10,030-1.06%
McLean County9,252-2.76%
Livingston County9,242-2.92%
Crittenden County8,915-4.11%
Gallatin County8,8322.54%
Hancock County8,7582.42%
Trimble County8,515-3.37%
Bracken County8,239-3.24%
Lyon County8,009-3.87%
Ballard County7,979-3.40%
Elliott County7,508-4.27%
Wolfe County7,177-2.53%
Nicholas County7,1660.53%
Lee County7,033-8.88%
Cumberland County6,659-2.99%
Menifee County6,4511.34%
Fulton County6,120-10.08%
Carlisle County4,771-6.16%
Owsley County4,472-5.81%
Hickman County4,421-9.01%
Robertson County2,135-6.15%