Population of Counties in Indiana (2021)

The most populous county located in the state of Indiana is Marion County, home of Indianapolis, which, as of 2019, has a population of 954,670. Since the time that the last census was taken in 2010, Marion County has seen an increase in the total population of 5.35%. The next most populous counties in the state of Indiana after Marion County are Lake County (484,411), Allen County (375,351), and Hamilton County (330,086). Of these counties, only Lake County experienced a decline, dropping 2.32% in population. Hamilton County had the most significant growth with a growth rate of 19.38% since the 2010 census.

Indiana Counties with the Fewest Residents

The county with the lowest population in the state of Indiana is Ohio County, which has a population of 5,844. Since the last census in 2010, Ohio County’s population has seen a decrease of 4.12%. Following Ohio County are Union County (7,047), Warren County (8,263), and Benton County (8,653). All of these counties experienced a decline in the number of residents.

Indiana Counties with Rapid Growth

The county with the most rapid population growth was Hamilton County, home of Noblesville, which grew 19.38% to 330,086. Following Hamilton County is Boone County which grew 17.72% and Hendericks County with a population growth rate of 14.46%. The counties with the most significant population loss are Union County (-6.63%), Blackford County (-6.59%), and Pulaski County (-6.43%).

Name 2021 Population Growth Since 2010 Density (mi²)
Marion County976,3467.93%2,273.27
Lake County487,599-1.68%1,135.30
Allen County387,7398.93%902.79
Hamilton County353,41127.82%822.86
St. Joseph County273,5342.53%636.88
Elkhart County207,7895.24%483.81
Tippecanoe County199,56215.28%464.65
Vanderburgh County182,1131.26%424.02
Hendricks County177,11721.35%412.39
Porter County172,1914.68%400.92
Johnson County162,31515.72%377.93
Monroe County150,8338.85%351.19
Madison County129,561-1.56%301.66
Clark County120,3468.84%280.21
Delaware County113,811-3.28%264.99
LaPorte County109,702-1.58%255.42
Vigo County106,380-1.40%247.69
Bartholomew County85,89311.81%199.99
Howard County83,1180.44%193.53
Hancock County81,54816.09%189.87
Floyd County79,8986.95%186.03
Kosciusko County79,5362.84%185.19
Morgan County71,1932.97%165.76
Boone County69,66922.41%162.21
Wayne County65,560-4.83%152.65
Grant County65,229-6.69%151.88
Warrick County64,0467.03%149.12
Dearborn County49,410-1.34%115.04
Noble County48,1461.46%112.10
Henry County47,654-3.79%110.96
Marshall County46,182-1.74%107.53
Shelby County45,1431.91%105.11
Lawrence County44,850-2.72%104.43
Jackson County44,5574.63%103.74
DeKalb County44,0093.95%102.47
Dubois County42,8602.28%99.79
Harrison County41,1174.54%95.73
LaGrange County40,0927.89%93.35
Montgomery County38,4660.97%89.56
Putnam County37,756-0.40%87.91
Cass County37,277-4.38%86.79
Huntington County37,074-0.12%86.32
Knox County36,590-4.69%85.19
Adams County36,1414.93%84.15
Miami County35,256-4.22%82.09
Steuben County34,8082.05%81.05
Jasper County33,9561.37%79.06
Whitley County33,7981.33%78.69
Gibson County33,7570.63%78.60
Daviess County33,4975.60%77.99
Clinton County32,813-1.23%76.40
Jefferson County32,6100.66%75.93
Greene County31,648-4.69%73.69
Wabash County30,592-6.87%71.23
Wells County28,7223.76%66.87
Washington County28,244-0.17%65.76
Ripley County28,072-2.58%65.36
Jennings County27,847-2.23%64.84
Clay County26,325-1.97%61.29
Decatur County26,2271.66%61.07
Posey County25,173-2.66%58.61
Randolph County24,383-6.86%56.77
Scott County24,051-0.50%56.00
White County24,040-2.61%55.97
Fayette County23,154-4.81%53.91
Starke County23,083-1.12%53.75
Franklin County22,862-0.85%53.23
Owen County20,673-4.14%48.13
Sullivan County20,615-3.62%48.00
Carroll County20,3950.97%47.49
Spencer County20,061-4.08%46.71
Jay County19,854-6.26%46.23
Orange County19,8420.14%46.20
Fulton County19,816-4.81%46.14
Perry County19,353-0.29%45.06
Parke County16,855-2.43%39.24
Rush County16,473-5.24%38.35
Fountain County16,258-5.89%37.85
Vermillion County15,474-3.98%36.03
Tipton County15,220-4.14%35.44
Brown County14,816-2.57%34.50
Newton County13,980-1.78%32.55
Pike County12,391-2.59%28.85
Pulaski County12,075-9.37%28.11
Blackford County11,426-10.53%26.60
Switzerland County10,7910.69%25.13
Crawford County10,543-1.54%24.55
Martin County10,327-0.31%24.04
Benton County8,9380.85%20.81
Warren County8,235-3.36%19.17
Union County7,104-5.74%16.54
Ohio County5,867-3.60%13.66