Population of Counties in Louisiana (2022)

There are 64 counties in Louisiana.

The most populous county in the state of Louisiana, with a population of 440,956, is East Baton Rouge Parish. Since the last U.S. census was taken in 2010, East Baton Rouge Parish has seen a population growth of just 0.09%. Other major counties in Louisiana following East Baton Rouge Parish are Jefferson Parish (434,051), Orleans Parish (391,006) with the city of New Orleans, St. Tammany Parish (258,111), Caddo Parish (242,922) with the city of Shreveport, and Lafayette Parish (242,782) with the city of Lafayette. Of these counties, only Caddo Parish reported a declining population with a growth rate of -4.96%. Orleans Parish experienced the most rapid growth at 12.43%.

Louisiana Counties with the Fewest Residents

The least populous county in the state of Louisiana, with a population of 4,462, is Tensas Parish. Tensas Parish has seen a decrease in its population since the census with a growth rate of -14.7% since the 2010 census. Louisiana has many other parishes with populations below 10,000 including Cameron Parish (6,968), East Carroll Parish (7,037), Red River Parish (8,477), Catahoula Parish (9,608), and Caldwell Parish (9,960). All of these parishes have experienced a decline in population except Cameron Parish which has grown 0.75%. Tensas Parish had the most significant population decline.

Louisiana Counties with Rapid Growth

The parish with the most rapid rate of growth in Louisiana is St. Bernard Parish. Since 2010, St. Bernard Parish has seen an impressive growth rate of 26.88%, bringing the population in 2019 up to 46,721. Behind St. Bernard Parish is Ascension Parish (15.56%), Orleans Parish (12.43%), and West Baton Rouge Parish (10.32%). Tensas Parish has seen the most rapid decrease in population with a growth rate of -14.7% since 2010.

Name 2022 Population Growth Since 2010 Density (mi²)
East Baton Rouge Parish434,062-1.55%953.25
Jefferson Parish428,320-0.99%1,448.83
Orleans Parish387,56411.44%2,287.61
St. Tammany Parish267,57114.08%316.40
Lafayette Parish248,22111.65%923.63
Caddo Parish232,317-9.11%264.44
Calcasieu Parish204,2135.80%191.99
Ouachita Parish149,403-2.97%244.76
Livingston Parish144,97412.96%223.67
Tangipahoa Parish137,52113.20%173.79
Ascension Parish131,84222.20%454.67
Rapides Parish127,614-3.15%96.82
Bossier Parish127,0908.00%151.26
Terrebonne Parish108,355-2.83%87.97
Lafourche Parish96,513-0.24%90.34
St. Landry Parish80,150-4.01%86.75
Iberia Parish66,605-8.90%116.01
Acadia Parish61,538-0.55%93.93
Vermilion Parish58,3860.52%49.77
St. Charles Parish54,0752.38%194.61
St. Martin Parish53,0381.56%71.90
St. Bernard Parish48,63632.08%128.83
St. Mary Parish47,869-12.25%86.17
Lincoln Parish45,632-2.60%96.73
Vernon Parish45,413-13.90%34.20
Washington Parish45,012-4.41%67.23
St. John the Baptist Parish41,991-7.90%195.94
Avoyelles Parish39,370-6.50%47.29
Beauregard Parish37,8815.72%32.73
Webster Parish36,984-10.23%62.36
Natchitoches Parish36,784-6.94%29.37
Evangeline Parish33,092-2.54%49.96
Iberville Parish31,965-4.26%51.67
Jefferson Davis Parish30,861-2.44%47.38
De Soto Parish27,5743.39%31.46
West Baton Rouge Parish26,66011.31%138.57
Allen Parish25,8070.41%33.88
Sabine Parish23,833-1.62%27.50
Morehouse Parish23,524-15.60%29.59
Plaquemines Parish22,633-2.09%29.01
Grant Parish22,248-0.39%34.60
Union Parish21,703-4.95%24.75
Pointe Coupee Parish21,283-6.75%38.19
St. James Parish20,931-5.07%86.66
Assumption Parish20,727-11.17%61.20
Richland Parish19,819-4.51%35.44
Franklin Parish19,568-5.97%31.33
East Feliciana Parish18,682-7.32%41.20
Concordia Parish18,278-12.29%26.22
West Feliciana Parish15,7960.99%39.17
Jackson Parish15,240-6.54%26.77
Claiborne Parish14,995-12.69%19.86
LaSalle Parish14,865-0.29%23.80
Winn Parish13,202-13.73%13.90
Bienville Parish12,935-9.58%15.94
West Carroll Parish10,389-10.25%28.89
Madison Parish10,216-15.61%16.36
St. Helena Parish9,967-10.99%24.40
Caldwell Parish9,780-3.63%18.47
Catahoula Parish9,158-11.75%12.93
Red River Parish8,190-9.99%21.05
Cameron Parish6,853-0.93%5.33
East Carroll Parish6,462-16.48%15.36
Tensas Parish3,926-24.92%6.51