Population of Counties in Maine (2022)

There are 16 counties in Maine.

Maine has a total of 16 counties. Of the 16, the most populous is Cumberland County with a population of 293,557, about 21.93% of Maine’s total population. York County is Maine’s second-most populated county with 206,229 people, followed by Androscoggin County with 107,679 people. Cumberland County and York County have both grown since the 2010 Census, 4.30% and 4.57% respectively, while Angroscoggin Country’s population has declined slightly by 0.03%.

Maine Counties with the Fewest Residents

The Maine county with the fewest resident is Piscataquis County, home to just 16,800 people. Its population density is about 4.24 persons per square kilometer, the lowest in Maine. In addition to its already smallest population, Piscataquis County has also shrunk by 4.27% since 2010.

The second-least populous county in Maine is Franklin County, with 29,897 people, followed by Washington County with 31,490 people. Both counties have experienced population decline since 2010 of 2.68% and 4.08% respectively.

Maine Counties with Rapid Growth

York County, the state’s second-most populous county, has experienced the greatest population growth since 2010 of 4.57%. Its estimated 2020 population growth rate is 0.83%. The state’s largest county, Cumberland County, has had the second-highest population growth since 2010 of 4.30%.

This is followed by Waldo County, which has experienced a growth of 2.25% since the last Census in 2010.

Name 2022 Population Growth Since 2010 Density (mi²)
Androscoggin County109,3661.54%233.72
Aroostook County66,266-7.58%9.93
Cumberland County298,9936.22%357.79
Franklin County31,0511.08%18.30
Hancock County55,7462.57%35.13
Kennebec County123,0760.82%141.87
Knox County39,9370.52%109.38
Lincoln County35,3392.77%77.52
Oxford County58,6381.49%28.23
Penobscot County153,141-0.47%45.08
Piscataquis County16,902-3.69%4.27
Sagadahoc County36,3543.20%143.14
Somerset County50,469-3.35%12.86
Waldo County39,8892.76%54.65
Washington County31,553-3.88%12.31
York County212,9577.99%214.94