Population of Counties in Mississippi (2020)

There are 82 counties in Mississippi, the most populous of which is Hinds County. Hinds County is home to 237,085 people, including the city of Jackson, which is the state’s capital and the most populous city in the state. Hinds County comprises about 7.94% of the state’s total population but has a population decline of 3.52% since 2010. The second-most populous country in Mississippi is Harrison County with a population of 206,650, followed by DeSoto County, with a population of 182,001. DeSoto County is the most densely populated county in Mississippi with 382.13 persons per square kilometer. Both Harrison County and DeSoto County have grown by double-digits since the 2010 Census, by 10.01% and 12.50% respectively.

Mississippi Counties with the Fewest Residents

Of Mississippi’s 82 counties, Issaquena County has the fewest residents with just 1,308. This accounts for just 0.04% of Mississippi’s total population. Since 2010, Issaquena County’s population has declined by 5.63%.

Sharkey County is the second-least populous county in Mississippi with 4,377 people, about 0.15% of the state’s total population. This is followed by Quitman County with a population of 7,051. Sharkey County has shrunk by 10.42% since 2010 and Quitman County has shrunk by 13.57%.

Mississippi Counties with Rapid Growth

Lafayette County has grown the most since 2010, growing by 15.19%. Lafayette is the 14th-most populous county in Mississippi. Other counties with double-digit growth are Desoto (12.50%), Lamar (11.43%), Madison (10.56%), Harrison (10.01%).

While some counties have experienced growth, many have experienced population decline. Quitman County has experienced the largest decline since 2010 of 13.57%, followed by Coahoma County with a decline of 13.32%. Other counties with double-digit declines include Washington (11.81%), Humphreys (11.55%), Sunflower (11.20%), Wilkinson (10.85%), and Leflore (10.79%).

Name 2020 Population Growth Since 2010
Hinds County231,189-5.92%
Harrison County210,08411.84%
DeSoto County188,17516.31%
Rankin County155,8689.37%
Jackson County145,0934.03%
Madison County107,62612.65%
Lee County85,5383.21%
Forrest County74,582-0.57%
Lauderdale County73,291-8.83%
Jones County68,7591.41%
Lamar County64,48915.07%
Lowndes County58,412-2.31%
Lafayette County55,90517.53%
Pearl River County55,683-0.04%
Oktibbeha County49,4473.58%
Hancock County47,9628.80%
Warren County45,024-7.80%
Washington County42,785-16.27%
Pike County39,485-2.38%
Alcorn County36,369-1.99%
Marshall County35,083-5.33%
Monroe County34,988-5.25%
Panola County34,252-1.12%
Lincoln County33,975-2.65%
Pontotoc County32,2197.19%
Adams County30,902-5.14%
Bolivar County30,209-11.42%
Tate County28,957-0.12%
Union County28,8866.43%
Neshoba County28,589-3.70%
Copiah County28,533-3.06%
Leflore County28,109-13.29%
Scott County28,003-1.18%
Yazoo County27,788-1.23%
Simpson County26,390-4.11%
Prentiss County25,4630.94%
Sunflower County24,913-14.04%
George County24,8049.51%
Marion County23,939-11.33%
Itawamba County23,5270.46%
Leake County22,625-4.69%
Tippah County22,101-0.38%
Coahoma County21,514-17.59%
Newton County21,481-0.84%
Grenada County21,053-3.61%
Wayne County20,062-3.40%
Tishomingo County19,208-2.13%
Stone County18,9035.57%
Clay County18,842-8.30%
Covington County18,469-5.66%
Attala County18,131-6.96%
Winston County18,011-6.19%
Holmes County17,168-11.53%
Chickasaw County17,135-1.75%
Jasper County16,172-4.93%
Smith County15,844-3.98%
Clarke County15,166-9.35%
Walthall County14,349-6.85%
Calhoun County14,258-4.76%
Greene County13,682-4.93%
Tallahatchie County13,671-10.88%
Yalobusha County12,228-3.15%
Lawrence County12,103-6.22%
Amite County12,090-7.92%
Perry County11,733-4.08%
Jefferson Davis County11,060-11.32%
Noxubee County10,141-11.66%
Webster County9,850-3.95%
Kemper County9,843-5.88%
Tunica County9,828-8.70%
Montgomery County9,719-10.79%
Carroll County9,499-10.40%
Claiborne County8,900-7.11%
Wilkinson County8,660-12.20%
Choctaw County8,290-3.28%
Benton County8,241-5.21%
Humphreys County8,073-13.52%
Franklin County7,806-3.75%
Jefferson County6,852-11.26%
Quitman County6,681-18.10%
Sharkey County4,285-12.30%
Issaquena County1,242-10.39%