Population of Counties in Pennsylvania (2022)

There are 67 counties in Pennsylvania.

Two counties in the state of Pennsylvania have populations of more than one million. These are Philadelphia County, which is coterminous with the city of Philadelphia and has a population of 1,574,765 (even though it is the second smallest county in the state by land area), and Allegheny County, with its 1,227,553 residents. As of 2018, both of these counties have grown their populations since the last census, with Philadelphia County increasing by 3.04% and Allegheny County by a more modest 0.30%.

A number of other counties in Pennsylvania, while not quite as large, still have substantial populations. Montgomery County (820,656), Bucks County (626,751), and Delaware County (563,995) are all in the top five most populous counties in the state, and census statistics show that each of these have also had population increases of between 0.21% and 2.46% in recent years. Conversely, many counties in Pennsylvania have populations of fewer than fifty thousand residents. These include Forest County (7,306), Juniata County (24,475), and Susquehanna County (41,238).

In general, the population increases in Pennsylvania's counties are fairly modest. None have increased by more than 6%, with Cumberland County topping the list at 5.09%, closely followed by Centre County at 5.06%. Quite a number of counties have had negative population growth: Cameron County, the least populous in the state, has just 4,683 residents and its population has decreased by 7.69% since the last census, while the larger Cambria County's population has reduced to 134,313, representing a 6.37% decrease.

Name 2022 Population Growth Since 2010 Density (mi²)
Adams County102,8501.35%198.29
Allegheny County1,212,340-0.95%1,660.57
Armstrong County62,884-8.84%96.27
Beaver County161,970-5.08%372.59
Bedford County47,270-4.89%46.70
Berks County423,0692.68%494.01
Blair County119,807-5.70%227.86
Bradford County58,910-6.09%51.34
Bucks County629,6440.68%1,041.81
Butler County188,4982.38%239.03
Cambria County126,421-11.88%183.66
Cameron County4,285-15.67%10.81
Carbon County64,203-1.60%168.31
Centre County161,7374.87%145.72
Chester County533,6986.76%711.11
Clarion County37,736-5.48%62.81
Clearfield County78,304-3.97%68.40
Clinton County38,440-2.10%43.29
Columbia County64,211-4.67%132.91
Crawford County83,186-6.13%82.18
Cumberland County260,08710.26%476.79
Dauphin County282,6045.34%538.23
Delaware County571,2952.20%3,107.02
Elk County29,310-8.01%35.43
Erie County264,280-5.88%330.68
Fayette County126,127-7.56%159.59
Forest County7,136-7.40%16.70
Franklin County156,3714.30%202.49
Fulton County14,545-2.13%33.24
Greene County34,949-9.47%60.68
Huntingdon County44,391-3.49%50.75
Indiana County82,969-6.63%100.32
Jefferson County42,858-5.10%65.69
Juniata County24,8981.10%63.62
Lackawanna County207,889-3.08%453.14
Lancaster County550,9895.89%583.78
Lawrence County83,664-8.08%233.59
Lebanon County143,1557.10%395.64
Lehigh County372,1956.29%1,078.30
Luzerne County316,091-1.53%355.02
Lycoming County111,598-3.98%90.83
McKean County39,650-8.52%40.49
Mercer County106,283-8.85%158.02
Mifflin County45,919-1.55%111.72
Monroe County173,2021.97%284.72
Montgomery County842,8885.25%1,745.00
Montour County18,200-0.55%139.74
Northampton County307,4483.19%831.68
Northumberland County90,132-4.41%196.64
Perry County46,6261.54%84.55
Philadelphia County1,585,4803.74%11,816.25
Pike County55,896-2.55%102.57
Potter County16,235-6.98%15.01
Schuylkill County139,991-5.60%179.79
Snyder County39,9340.57%121.47
Somerset County72,172-7.19%67.18
Sullivan County6,036-5.79%13.42
Susquehanna County39,632-8.56%48.13
Tioga County40,294-4.00%35.54
Union County44,641-0.80%141.28
Venango County49,069-10.74%72.77
Warren County38,111-8.76%43.11
Washington County206,406-0.74%240.85
Wayne County51,259-3.04%70.64
Westmoreland County344,219-5.70%334.99
Wyoming County25,915-8.24%65.23
York County452,6913.97%500.65