Population of Counties in Tennessee (2022)

There are 95 counties in Tennessee.

In 2019, the most populous county in Tennessee is Shelby County, home of Memphis, with 936,961 residents. This represents very slight growth of 0.91% since the 2010 census. Shelby County is followed by Davidson County (691,243), Knox County (461,860), Hamilton County (361,613), and Rutherford County (317,157) as the only Tennessee counties with a population of more than 300,000. Of these counties, Rutherford County has seen the highest population growth of 20.25%.

Tennessee Counties with Fewest Residents

Pickett County is the least populated county in Tennessee with a population of just 5,073. This represents flat population growth since the census. Tennesse has several other counties with a population below 10,000 including Van Buren County (5,742), Moore County (6,384), Hancock County (6,600), Lake County (7,468), Clay County (7,703), Perry County (7,975), and Houston County (8,213). Most of these counties have experienced negative growth since the census. Of these, Lake County has experienced the most significant population loss of -4.60%.

Tennessee Counties with Rapid Growth

Trousdale County, Tennessee has experienced the highest growth rate in the state since the census at 28.05%, bringing its population to 10,083. The only other counties with population growth over 15% are Rutherford County (20.25%), Wilson County (18.98%), and Montgomery County (15.60%). Lauderdale County has experienced the greatest population loss with a growth rate of -8.82%, bringing its population down to 25,274.

Name 2022 Population Growth Since 2010 Density (mi²)
Shelby County939,5691.20%1,231.05
Davidson County705,02812.31%1,399.30
Knox County482,47811.44%949.36
Hamilton County378,33712.19%697.46
Rutherford County355,19934.69%573.49
Williamson County257,71439.95%442.35
Montgomery County220,03627.07%408.10
Sumner County202,66225.71%382.84
Sullivan County160,5952.45%388.46
Wilson County155,76635.83%272.76
Blount County138,35912.31%247.64
Washington County131,5176.59%402.85
Bradley County111,29012.32%338.51
Maury County102,72926.56%167.55
Sevier County99,31510.44%167.62
Madison County99,1270.89%177.93
Putnam County85,08717.28%212.13
Anderson County79,0515.26%234.46
Robertson County73,71511.15%154.77
Greene County68,784-0.07%110.56
Hamblen County65,8495.34%408.56
Cumberland County62,86611.88%92.31
Tipton County61,6680.99%134.53
Coffee County58,44910.76%136.26
Loudon County57,02617.07%248.75
Hawkins County57,0050.24%117.04
Carter County56,313-1.79%165.04
Jefferson County55,9448.18%203.54
Dickson County55,45411.61%113.20
McMinn County55,1685.73%128.26
Roane County53,754-0.77%149.02
Bedford County51,41414.06%108.55
Gibson County49,019-1.43%81.33
Monroe County47,3736.19%74.54
Lawrence County45,2557.83%73.33
Franklin County43,0275.05%77.60
Fayette County42,86411.55%60.82
Warren County42,6306.95%98.53
Cheatham County41,1625.19%136.10
Campbell County39,983-1.85%83.27
Dyer County36,778-4.02%71.79
Cocke County36,4422.25%83.85
Marshall County36,08217.58%96.10
Lincoln County34,8974.54%61.19
Rhea County33,9356.52%107.60
Weakley County33,073-5.62%56.99
Henry County32,372-0.08%57.62
Claiborne County32,2860.22%74.29
Marion County29,8345.72%59.89
Giles County29,5180.38%48.32
Obion County29,454-7.44%54.05
Henderson County28,5192.63%54.84
White County28,1228.88%74.66
Carroll County27,143-4.61%45.29
Hickman County25,6914.24%41.95
Macon County25,54114.86%83.16
Hardin County25,529-2.00%44.22
McNairy County25,286-2.99%44.93
Lauderdale County24,541-11.47%52.00
Hardeman County24,372-10.29%36.50
Grainger County23,8695.05%85.07
Overton County22,7603.02%52.50
Scott County22,188-0.18%41.68
DeKalb County21,56115.33%70.84
Morgan County21,010-4.58%40.24
Union County20,8218.92%93.14
Smith County20,6918.18%65.83
Fentress County19,1266.71%38.36
Humphreys County18,6750.63%35.19
Unicoi County18,066-1.19%97.04
Johnson County17,830-2.49%59.74
Chester County17,4531.51%61.08
Haywood County17,175-8.70%32.22
Wayne County16,787-1.17%22.87
Polk County16,574-1.42%38.13
Benton County15,902-3.69%40.33
Bledsoe County15,60721.13%38.40
Sequatchie County15,4319.22%58.04
Cannon County15,39211.56%57.94
Crockett County14,032-3.81%52.84
Stewart County14,0034.91%30.49
Grundy County13,664-0.44%37.91
Lewis County12,8505.56%45.55
Meigs County12,7978.52%65.58
Trousdale County12,03752.87%105.41
Jackson County11,8131.62%38.28
Decatur County11,555-1.38%34.61
Perry County8,1542.70%19.66
Houston County8,102-4.13%40.45
Clay County7,429-5.29%31.41
Hancock County6,797-0.01%30.57
Moore County6,5813.97%50.93
Van Buren County6,19911.31%22.67
Lake County5,843-25.35%35.24
Pickett County5,033-0.96%30.88