Chilliwack Population 2020

Chilliwack is a Canadian city that is located in British Columbia. It is the 7th largest city by population in the province. The city was originally founded in 1873 and was incorporated as a city in 1908. Its history was centered on agriculture, but now it is a thriving city that also has many outdoor activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. The city has a population of 83,788.

City Size and Population Density

The city’s total area is just over 101 square miles, giving it a population density of only 829 inhabitants per square mile. The larger metro area has a population of over 101,000.

Population Demographics

Breaking down the population by ethnic origin shows that the city is home to a visible minority population of South Asians, Chinese, Blacks, Filipinos, Latin Americas, and Koreans, to name a few. The total minority population makes up 4.8% of the total population. There is also a population of Aborigines that makeup over 8% of the population. The majority of residents in Chilliwack – over 80% -- are of European origins.

The median age is 41.3, and over one-quarter of the total population is 19 or younger.

Though Canada has both English and French as official languages, about 95% of this city’s population speaks English. Almost 11,000 immigrants are making up the city’s total population.

Chilliwack Population Growth

The city has seen significant growth in its population, with a growth rate of about 7.5%. As more people move to the city for its mild climate, progressive culture, and quality of life, this pattern of growth is only expected to continue.

Chilliwack Population 2020